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Lindsay Jack has been awarded the 2023 Principal’s Medal

Mon 27 November 2023

Lindsay Jack being awarded the Principal's Medal

Lindsay Jack, Director of Student Experience (DSE) at the Edinburgh Law School, was one of six recipients of the 2023 Principal’s Medal. The Principal’s Medals are one of the most important ways in which the University recognises professional services, academic colleagues, or students who have made outstanding contributions to the University and wider communities. 

Lindsay was recognised for her committed advocacy on behalf of marginalised and under-represented students. She was also commended for her extensive knowledge and insight that has impacted policy, practice, and procedural developments within the School, University, other institutions, and the legal profession at large. 

She said: "I am thrilled to be one of the 2023 recipients of the Principal’s Medal. Winning this prestigious award is of great significance for me personally but also more broadly for the university in its recognition and reward of this type of work, which has an increasingly important place in the higher education landscape."

Lindsay joined the Edinburgh Law School in 2007, and presently as DSE leads and oversees the development and enhancement of the taught student experience at Edinburgh Law School with a particular emphasis on ensuring equity of experience for under-represented and marginalised students at all stages of their academic career. She has invaluable expertise in widening participation into legal education and the legal profession. Moreover, she has also been nominated for "Legal Academic of the Year" as part of the Inspirational Women in Law Awards 2023 run by the UK-wide Next 100 Years Project.

The Principal’s Medals were established in 2008. They reward members of the University’s community who best exemplify the University’s values. This year, three members of staff, a student, and two teams were named winners of the 2023 Principal’s Medals. 

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Image credit: Kasey McCall-Smith