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Law and Polity Project Launch Conference

Sat 3 December 2016

Law and Polity Project

The Law and Polity Project was launched with a high-level conference on 2 - 3 December 2016, inviting leading European and global speakers both in (various versions and dimensions of) the state legal tradition and in each of these three categories of challenge – polity nesting, domain specialization and legal disembedding – to develop their understanding of the key processes at work and to address the various challenges to the understanding of the global role of law.

Like the project itself, the launch conference aimed to connect a group of scholars who, for the most part, do not typically talk to each other – public lawyers and private lawyers, domestic lawyers and international lawyers, doctrinal lawyers and legal theorists, contemporary lawyers and legal historians, critical lawyers and constructivists – but who hold many matters of common or overlapping interest in their broader intellectual agendas.

The conference papers were divided into four sections corresponding to the four major themes introduced above – (1) the state tradition in the connection of law and polity, (2) polity nesting, (3) domain specialization (4) legal disembedding – though overlap and continuity of discussion is both anticipated and encouraged.

The proceedings of the launch conference were published as a special issue of the International Journal of Constitutional Law (I*CON) in late 2018.

Speakers included: 

  • Olivier Beaud (University of Paris II)
  • Christine Bell (University of Edinburgh)
  • Antony Duff (University of Edinburgh/Minnesota)
  • Bardo Fassbender (University of St Gallen)
  • Marco Goldoni (University of Glasgow)
  • Nils Jansen (University of Munster)
  • Michael Keating (University of Aberdeen)
  • Nico Krisch (GIIDS, Geneva)
  • George Letsas (University College London)
  • Hans Lindahl (Tilburg University)
  • Martin Loughlin (London School of Economics)
  • Cormac Mac Amhlaigh (University of Edinburgh)
  • Euan MacDonald (University of Edinburgh)
  • Claudio Michelon (University of Edinburgh)
  • Nicole Roughan (National University of Singapore)
  • Chris Thornhill (University of Manchester)
  • Kaarlo Tuori (University of Helsinki)
  • Neil Walker (University of Edinburgh)
  • Christiane Wendehorst (University of Vienna)