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European scenarios for responding to the energy crisis

Thu 17 November 2022

Gas pipeline in Germany

The war in Ukraine has brought immense geopolitical shifts and challenges to which Europe must adapt and respond, including how to address the growing energy crisis. Debates have begun at the EU and country levels on the future of the EU’s National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (RRPs), and the capacity of existing plans to face the energy crisis.

To contribute to these debates, the Reversing the Gaze project at Edinburgh Law School co-hosted a workshop during the Geneva Democracy Week at the Albert Hirschman Centre of Democracy (Geneva Graduate Institute). The workshop, “Programming and managing public funds at time of crises: European scenarios,” brought together experts to discuss the role of the management of public funds in Europe on mitigating the crisis. It built directly on research conducted by the Reversing the Gaze team on patterns of expenditure of European public funds, and the legal and political arrangements that shape those patterns.

Led in part by Christine Lutringer, senior researcher on Reversing the Gaze, and Luciano Monti, project board member, the workshop produced a policy brief with a series of recommendations for EU financial institutions on pathways to respond to the energy crisis. The briefing, co-authored by scholars from leading European universities, advocates a common and coordinated European response, based on three recommendations:

  • Focus on implementation rather than on extensive reprogramming;
  • Remodel current multiannual financial programmes; and
  • Meeting the energy challenge.

Read the full policy brief: Which pathways to respond to the energy crisis? Recommendations on EU financial instruments

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