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Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference 2024 concludes with a resounding success

Tue 11 June 2024

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The Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference (EPLC) 2024, held on May 29 and 30 2024 at Edinburgh Law School, concluded with great success. This year's conference, themed ‘From Words to Action: Rethinking Justice in a Globalised World’, provided a dynamic platform for legal scholars, practitioners, and students to explore and discuss the multifaceted dimensions of law in a global context.

The conference featured a series of thought-provoking keynote addresses and panel discussions that set the stage for deep intellectual engagement. Distinguished speaker Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice from Queen Mary University of London, delivered insights into critical legal trends, including the increasing significance of international law in domestic contexts, and the evolving role of legal systems in addressing global crises.

Participants engaged in a wide array of sessions covering various legal disciplines. Each panel was meticulously curated to ensure a comprehensive understanding of current legal dynamics and their practical implications. The event was designed to foster an interactive and collaborative atmosphere. Attendees had the opportunity to network with peers and experts, exchange ideas, and develop potential collaborations.

The EPLC organising team would like to extend the deepest gratitude to the keynote speaker, panel chairs, and presenters for their invaluable contributions. Their expertise and insights were central to the intellectual vigour of the conference. Special thanks to the organising committee members - Gökçe Kolukisa, Jin Wang, Xinyu Lyu, and Muhammet Dervis Mete - for their tireless efforts in ensuring the success of this event. The EPLC is also grateful for the support from Edinburgh Law School’s Postgraduate Research Office and all those who played a pivotal role in realising the vision of this conference.

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