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Edinburgh Law School alumnus and lecturer co-author article for British Medical Journal

Thu 29 August 2019

Leung and Porter

Gilberto K K Leung, clinical professor at the University of Hong Kong, and Gerard Porter, Lecturer in Medical Law and Ethics at the Edinburgh Law School, have published a paper in the British Medical Journal on the subject of apologies and liability in the healthcare profession.

The article examines apology laws in Great Britain and a number of other countries, concluding that the “lack of sufficiently clear apology protection” can hamper open disclosure and candour between medical professionals and patients.

Academic neurosurgeon Gilberto K K Leung graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2017 with his LLM in Medical Law and Ethics, which he studied online over 32 months.

“Over the years, I have become increasingly drawn towards the subject of Medical Law and Ethics, not only as a tool for problem-solving but also as a fascinating intellectual discipline by itself,” Leung said in a statement, crediting his LLM with furthering this interest: “Enrolling in the Edinburgh LLM programme is one the best decisions I have made in my career. It has vastly broadened my horizons and fundamentally changed the way I approach, conceptualise, articulate, and debate about matters in medicine, law, ethics, and beyond.”

Among the aspects of Edinburgh Law School’s online LLM programme that Leung particularly valued were the online discussion, and tutors who “challenged and inspired”. A number of Leung’s course works produced as part of the LLM programme have since been published in peer-reviewed publications, including the inclusion of his award-winning Final Dissertation in Medical Law International.

This recent published article is one of Leung’s post-LLM collaborations with tutor Gerard Porter, who said: “We are immensely privileged to have such talented and motivated students on the LLM Programme. Working with Gilberto on the article on apology laws was a great experience that gave me fresh insights into how the law is perceived by doctors. It is also very gratifying to see our students reach such a high level of expertise in medical law and ethics.”

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