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Dr Edward Dove speaks at Ada Lovelace Institute on data usage during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mon 18 October 2021

Dr Ted Dove profile picture

On 14th October, Dr Edward Dove, Lecturer in Health Law and Regulation, spoke at the Ada Lovelace Institute about data usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the virtual event titled 'Lessons learned from COVID-19: how should data usage during the pandemic shape the future', Dr Dove spoke about how law and governance surrounding health data sharing has changed during the pandemic. 

The event was the second of a five event series exploring and scrutinising the recent UK Government proposal for amending the current data protection regime (the UK GDPR).

The Ada Lovelace institute is an independent research institute and deliberative body with a mission to ensure data and AI work for people and society.

You can watch the event back on the Ada Lovelace Institute website.

Watch the event