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Dr Deval Desai receives Virtual Sandpits Follow-on Funding from The British Academy

Tue 31 August 2021

Deval Desai

The British Academy has awarded funding to 16 international and interdisciplinary research projects tackling global challenges from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences.

Amongst these Virtual Sandpits Follow-on Funded projects is 'Bodies and performance: exploring the institutionalisation of loss in just and unjust transitions' which is ran by Dr Deval Desai, Lecturer in International Economic Law at Edinburgh Law School.

Deval works on the project alongside Dr Maria Estrada Fuentes, Royal Holloway, University of London, Professor Keri Facer, University of Bristol, Dr Leah Lovett, University College London, Dr Pablo Suarez, Red Cross Red Crescent.

Funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the projects arise from the British Academy’s international virtual sandpits, which were held in February and March 2021 and focused on the themes of ‘Just Transitions,’ ‘Global (Dis)Order’, and ‘What is a good city?’ The sandpits brought together researchers from across the humanities and social sciences to engender new thinking, develop interdisciplinary collaborations, and further international engagement with a focus on international policy and practice.

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