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Dr Deval Desai appointed to the Young Academy of Europe

Tue 30 January 2024

Dr Deval Desai

In January, Dr Deval Desai was elected to the Young Academy of Europe (YAE) for a seven-year term. Through a competitive selection process based on academic excellence, the YAE appoints younger academic leaders to shape the relationship between knowledge and policy, with a view to future challenges. 

Dr Desai said: ‘It’s an honour to be elected to the YAE. The fellowship reflects the immense impact on my work of the support and guidance of colleagues at Edinburgh, and of the Law School as a whole. I look forward to being part of the YAE community, and its efforts to advance academic excellence.’

Dr Desai’s work focuses on law and development, administrative law and regulation, theories of the state, and patterns of knowledge and authority. He is a Member of the Young Academy of Scotland and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; more recently, he was awarded the University of Edinburgh’s Chancellor’s ‘Rising Star’ Award in recognition of his research.

Dr Deval Desai – Profile 

Dr Deval Desai – YAE Profile 

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