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Annie Sorbie to speak at Centre for Health, Law and Society Annual Symposium

Sun 24 January 2021

Ms Annie Sorbie profile picture

Ms Annie Sorbie, Lecturer in Law (Medical Law and Ethics) at Edinburgh Law School, will take part in a panel discussion about Candour and Healthcare at this year's Centre for Health, Law and Society Annual Symposium, hosted by the University of Bristol.

The event will take place on Thursday 11 February 2021 between 13:45-16:45 and will be held via Zoom.

2021 CHLS Annual Symposium - Candour and Healthcare

The duty of health care professionals to be open and honest with patients who have suffered medical harm is a fundamental part of ethical care. However, despite the importance of honesty in therapeutic relationships, it has been conspicuous by its absence in key ethical codes and has only relatively recently become a professional and statutory requirement for professionals and providers of care. This symposium brings together a range of experts who will examine the rationale, extent and effectiveness of these duties of candour and discuss how they impact patient care, professional wellbeing and interact with the medico-legal environment.

Other panelists at the event include Joanna Lloyd (Partner, Clinical Risk, Bevan Brittan LLP, Bristol) and Linda Kenney (Director of Peer Support Programs at the Betsy Lehman Centre for Patient Safety, Boston, Massachusetts).

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