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Alumni profile - Razan Bucheeri

Wed 17 November 2021

Old College dome with the Golden Boy holding the torch of knowledge

Razan Mahmood Ali Mohamed Hajeeh Bucheeri, LLM in International Law, 2020

Tell us about your life before coming to Edinburgh Law School.

I grew up in Bahrain, and prior to my Master’s degree at Edinburgh Law School, I completed a three-year LLB programme in Newcastle.

What did you study at Edinburgh Law School and why did you choose the programme?

I chose to study International Law because I wanted to broaden my understanding of legal systems, and understand how law structures geopolitics and vice versa. 

I wanted to study at a place known for its academic quality, offers a broad and flexible programme that encompasses courses on both private and public international law, and hosts notable academics. The International Law LLM at Edinburgh Law School ticked all the boxes! I had also previously visited the city and loved it, so it really was a perfect fit.

What do you think is unique to the Edinburgh Law School experience and what are some of your favourite memories?

All my classes had such a diverse group of students. People of all backgrounds participated in seminars and it made discussion very interesting. A lot of our professors had also made notable contributions to their areas of expertise so it was really interesting to draw on their experience, get their take on contentious issues and hear the latest shifts in policy.

My favourite memories include learning how to ceilidh, road tripping across Scotland and strolling through the Christmas markets. 

What have you been up to since graduating and how have your degree studies with us helped you in this?

Since graduating, I moved back home to Bahrain. I worked at one of the Big Four firms before joining the Prime Minister’s Office as a research specialist. There, I have been able to draw on both the knowledge and skills I gained throughout my Master’s.

The courses I’ve taken have given me a broad foundation of law, theory and international structures I can draw upon when examining things at a regional or international level. I also have the skills and know-how to research subjects and policy I haven’t been directly exposed to. More generally, my Master’s has really given me an eye for detail, but also the ability to look at the bigger picture. 

What advice would you give current Edinburgh Law School students?

My advice to current students would be to try everything! It’s so exciting to be a student, and there’s definitely no shortage of things to do in Edinburgh - whether that be at the Law School or outside of it. The University’s community is so welcoming and I’m still in touch with the friends I’ve made.

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