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2024 Edinburgh Law School Scholarships

Mon 27 November 2023

Alumni Newsletter 2020

Applications for the 2024 Career Development and 2024 Ewen Cameron Travel and Summer School Scholarships will be opening next year. 

The purpose of the Career Development Scholarships is to assist current Edinburgh Law School students on their path to achieving their career goals, and the scholarships have been supported by alumni for this purpose. LLB, LLM, and PhD students at Edinburgh Law School are eligible to apply. 

The Career Development Scholarships will provide a bursary of up to a maximum amount of £2,000 to each successful applicant in support of the costs of pursuing a career development opportunity such as an internship, work placement, or fellowship within an organisation*.

Similarly, the designated purpose of the Ewen Cameron Travel and Summer School Scholarships (The Ewen Cameron Scholarships) is to support Edinburgh Law School students to undertake travel projects intended to further their personal or academic development, which may include participation in conferences or summer school participation. LLB (Hons), Graduate LLB, MSc, and LLM students are eligible to apply.

The Ewen Cameron Scholarships provide a bursary of up to a maximum amount of £1.000 to up to 10 successful applicants in support of the costs of:

(a) travel to an academic or professional conference which will enhance the research or professional profile of the student.

(b) participation in a taught summer school (online or in person), which makes a demonstrable contribution to a student’s educational, research or professional development.

(c) participation in other travel projects where a student can demonstrate benefit to their academic or professional goals

Each scholarship can be used by successful applicants to defray the costs associated with the conference travel or summer school. 

These scholarships are part of the Law School’s commitment to enhancing opportunities for its students. 

An information session about the application will be held in April 2024, the exact date to be confirmed. You can find out more information about the scholarships and about previous winners here

*Internships, placements or fellowships

Any structured activity provided by an organisation that can be linked to your professional or personal development goals will be considered. This may include, for example, an internship at a UK or International Law Firm, conducting voluntary work for an aid organisation or global NGO, or other forms of placements that allow for reflective learning and development.