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The Third Ole Lando Memorial Lecture - Hector MacQueen

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Virtual Event


Wed 29 September 2021
18:00-19:30 (BST - London)
19:00-20:30 (CEST - Paris, Vienna etc.)

Edinburgh Law School and The European Law Institute present

The Third Ole Lando Memorial Lecture

"European Contract Law in the Post-Brexit and (Post?)-Pandemic United Kingdom"

Professor Hector MacQueen, Professor of Private Law, Edinburgh Law School, The University of Edinburgh

With an introduction from Professor Matthias E. Storme (University of Leuven) and closing remarks from Professor Pascal Pichonnaz (University of Fribourg).


The lecture will be followed by a Q&A of approximately 30 minutes duration.


Please note that this event will start at 18:00 BST (London) / 19:00 CEST (Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Vienna etc.).


The Ole Lando Memorial Lecture series was launched in 2019 in memory of the Danish lawyer Professor Ole Lando (1922-2019). Professor Lando was a Founding Member of the ELI and a leading private international lawyer. Among many achievements of his long and varied career were the 'Principles of European Contract Law' which have been highly influential in the development of both EU and national contract laws.




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Image Credit: Photo by Rocco Dipoppa on Unsplash

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