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LSGL Summer Academic Conference 2021

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Virtual Event


Wed 21 July 2021
11:00 - 16:10

The Law Schools Global League Academic Summer Conference 2021 - Law in Transition

About the event

The law is in a constant state of transition, as it reflects a changing world and human socaieties, but at the present time such transition is especially evident in areas where societies, governments, and legislatures are having to respond to the pressing challenges of the age: public health regulation (particularly in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic), environmental protection and regulation, human rights, constitutional reform, law and technology, and property rights and reform, among others. The law’s response to the challenges posed in these areas can in some cases be formulated within specific national or local contexts, but in many cases the global nature of the challenges facing human societies requires global thinking informed by comparative and transnational perspectives. 

The LSGL “Law in Transition” Conference invites papers that address how the law is responding, or should be responding, to these transitions. Papers are welcome not just from established scholars, but also from early career researchers (including doctoral and post-doctoral researchers). Papers reflecting developed ideas and theses are welcome, as are papers of a more “mini thesis” (shorter scope) or “work in progress” (more preliminary) nature.

A non-exhaustive list of topics that presenters might wish to address in their papers:

  • Human rights
  • Property rights 
  • Insurance law 
  • Law & technology (including AI and LegalTech)
  • Family law
  • Health/pandemic law and regulation
  • Constitutional law 
  • Environmental law and activism (incl climate change, Extinction Rebellion, etc.)
  • Conflicts and peace settlements 
  • The law’s response to cultural movements (such as Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, etc.)

Paper proposals may wish to include discussion of how COVID-19 is affecting these areas of the law, but that is not essential and contributions are welcome in relation to any transitional aspects or areas of the law. 

Submission guidelines

Paper proposals of 300 to 500 words should be submitted no later than 25 June 2021. Please indicate in your proposal whether you wish the paper to be included in the standard paper sections of the conference programme or within the shorter “mini theses”/“work in progress” section of the programme.

We encourage applicants to attach a brief c.v. to their proposal.

Proposals for papers will be reviewed by the LSGL Presidents and the League’s Director of Research.
Decisions on the papers selected for inclusion in the programme will be announced by 7 July 2021.
Papers should be ready for circulation to all conference delegates no later than 12 July 2021.
Please send inquiries and paper proposals to

Conference attendance

This year’s conference will be held entirely virtually and details of how to join the conference will be sent to all registered delegates. Registration is free and is open to any member of academic staff or any doctoral/postdoctoral student at members institutions of the League. Registration is online and required (link below).

Registration is still open for those wishing to participate in the conference.

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