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A legal cultural take on comparative law - Sören Koch

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Edinburgh Law School


Fri 26 November 2021

The Edinburgh Centre for Private Law presents

A legal cultural take on comparative law

Professor Sören Koch, University of Bergen


About the seminar
Courts, legislators and legal scholars increasingly depend on comparative analysis when applying, refining or reforming the law. In a constantly more pluralistic legal world, comparison has become a valuable tool to navigate between international, transnational and national legal orders. However, law needs still to be regarded a product of its cultural preconditions. Recognising the cultural embeddedness of legal rules, principles and institutions is therefore essential. In my paper, I will present an approach to legal comparison based on an operationalised concept of legal culture transformed into a dialectical tool. This allows us to identify, characterize and evaluate central features of legal cultures with the aim of providing an institutional and intellectual basis for conducting a comparison regardless of its purpose and objects.

Professor Koch will be discussing the book Comparing Legal Cultures, 2nd Edition - the first article is afailable to read on the ISSUU website

View UIB website for more information about the speaker and the research group for legal culture.



This event is free and open to all but registration is required (link below)

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Register here to attend this event in person credit: Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash