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The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas: Torture On Trial, #Selfloathe & Hope

Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas


The Stand Comedy Club or Online


Wed 11 August 2021
Doors open from 16:30

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas presents

Torture On Trial, #Selfloathe & Hope

Three top academics, three dangerous ideas and your host comedian Susan MorrisonDr Kasey McCall-Smith (The University of Edinburgh) shares her experiences watching the trial of the men charged with orchestrating 9/11 and asks if it matters that they were tortured. Dr Kat Rezai (Edinburgh Napier University) asks if Instagram’s #loveyourself trends actually promote #selfloathe. And Rayya Ghul (The University of Edinburgh) shares how to feel better, hopeful and more capable by shifting focus away from well ‘being’ and self-improvement.

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