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Book Launch: Justice After Stonewall

book launch


Raeburn Room,
Old College


Fri 8 December 2023
14:00 - 17:00

This book launch celebrates Justice After Stonewall: LGBT Life Between Challenge and Change, a book edited by Dr Paul Behrens (University of Edinburgh) and Sean Becker (University of Amsterdam; Columbia University), which was published earlier this year by Routledge. More than half a century after the Stonewall Riots in New York (one of the milestones in LGBT history), it is tempting to consider the journey of LGBT rights as an unmitigated success. The years since then have seen the decriminalisation of homosexuality in large parts of the world and the rise of the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Europe, America, Australia and several Asian countries. LGBT persons have also gained prominence in politics and other walks of life, with 2020 seeing the first openly gay US Democratic Presidential contender. At the same time, challenges remain, as do prejudices and stereotypes. In the United Kingdom, rights of transgender persons and programmes against homophobia in schools have stirred passionate debate; a significant number of European States still do not recognise same-sex partnerships, and outside Europe, the difficulties which LGBT persons face, can be dramatic, with criminal sanctions against homosexual behaviour being in place in several States, including, in some, capital punishment.

In Justice After Stonewall, experts from the fields of law, politics, sociology medicine, education, linguistics and religion discuss and evaluate developments in LGBT history and the current situation of LGBT rights. The topics of the book include (among others):

  • the development of the LGBT community in the UK
  • Jewish approaches to LGBT matters
  • the experiences of transgender students in higher education
  • homelessness among LGBT+ young people
  • conversion 'therapy' and laws against them
  • registered partnerships and marriage in human rights law and
  • changing perceptions of homosexuality and the law of defamation

The authors of the book include leading experts in their fields, including Kenneth Norrie (Professor of Law at the University of Strathclyde and author, among other works, of Norrie's Scottish Family Law), Helen Fenwick (Professor of Law at Durham University and author of Fenwick on Civil Liberties and Human Rights), as well as experts from other walks of life – including Sir Stephen Wall (former UK Permanent Representative to the European Union and current Chair of Kaleidoscope International Trust) and Rabbi Mark Solomon (Minister of the Edinburgh and Leicester Liberal Jewish communities and Chair of the rabbinic court of Liberal Judaism),

At the book launch, several of the contributors to Justice After Stonewall will be present and will talk about their chapters, but also about developments that have taken place since the book was published. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions of the authors that are present.


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