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Book launch with author Iyan Offor - Global Animal Law from the Margins: International Trade in Animals and their Bodies



Moot Court Room


Thu 12 October 2023

Organized by the Edinburgh Centre for International and Global Law (ECIGL)

The event will discuss the book’s bold engagement with global animal law from the perspective of an intersectional ethical framework. Reconceptualising global animal law, the book argues that global animal law overrepresents views from the West as it does not sufficiently engage views from the Global South, as well as from Indigenous and other marginalised communities. Tracing this imbalance to the early development of animal law’s reaction to issues of international trade, the book elicits the anthropocentrism and colonialism that underpin this bias. In response, the book outlines a new, intersectional, second wave of animal ethics. Incorporating marginalised viewpoints, it elevates the field beyond the dominant concern with animal welfare and rights. And, drawing on aspects of decolonial thought, earth jurisprudence, intersectionality theory and posthumanism, it offers a fundamental rethinking of the very basis of global animal law.

Names and affiliations of speakers

Chair: Michael Picard, Lecturer in International Environmental Law, University of Edinburgh


Author: Iyan Offor, Lecturer in Law, Birmingham City University


With interventions and comments by:


Cathy Dwyer, Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare, University of Edinburgh


Rebecca Williams, Lecturer in Environmental Law, University of Napier


Ana Maria Daza Vargas, Lecturer in international economic law, University of Edinburgh


Dan Carr, Senior Lecturer in Private Law, University of Edinburgh


 Tickets are available from 1st September 2023.

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