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About EFWiL

Founded with a vision to empower, inspire and advance women in law, the Edinburgh Foundation for Women in Law (EFWiL) is a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters gender equality, professional growth and meaningful connections.

Edinburgh Foundation for Women in Law

Who we are

The Edinburgh Foundation for Women in Law seeks to help anyone who identifies as a women working in law reach their full potential. Through advocacy, mentorship, education and community engagement, EFWiL strives to break down barriers, promote equal opportunities and inspire a new generation of legal professionals who will shape a more equitable and just society. Our mission is driven by the belief that a diverse and inclusive legal profession benefits individuals, organisations and society as a whole.

EFWiL is based in Edinburgh Law School at the University of Edinburgh and capitalises on its extensive alumni network and its strong links to the legal profession and our students.

EFWiL is currently led by co-directors, Dr Catriona McMillan, Lecturer in Medical Law, and Elisabeth Pope Barlow, Head of Communications and Engagement, at Edinburgh Law School. 

How we started

The Edinburgh Foundation for Women in Law was founded in 2014 as the Leadership Foundation for Women Lawyers, which was developed out of a conversation between Professor Lesley McAra CBE and Karina McTeague FRSE. The impetus for the Foundation was the difficulty faced by women in reaching the top of the legal profession, despite the fact that there has been gender parity in terms of graduating law students for over thirty years. The Leadership Foundation brought together senior female alumni from Edinburgh Law School to share experience of and best practice for creating the conditions for women to succeed within this field.

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We would love for you to join us and become a member of the Edinburgh Foundation for Women in Law. 

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