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W.A. Wilson Prize

The W.A. Wilson Prize is awarded for the best dissertation submitted by a student graduating with the LL.M. in International Law.

WA Wilson Prize
Year Prize winner
2017 Penelope Jacobs
2016 Thomas Mulder
2015 Zivile Atminaite
2014 Nora Uhrig
2013 Geraldine Bollmann and Joshua Root
2012 Daniel Kaasik
2011 Michael Chalmers
2010 Sevin Elekdag
2009 Rebecca Young
2008 Jared Hubbard
2007 Antony Taubman
2006 Catherine Layden and Tobias Ott
2005 Eva Steinberger
2004 Shawn Harmon and Andrea Steingruber
2003 Anders Erlman and Pierre Harcourt
2002 Not Awarded
2001 Sam McIntosh and Yutaka Tatewaki
2000 Martin Mennecke and Felicity Stewart
1999 Hee-Sang Kim
1998 Paola Magrini
1997 Susann Wolfgram
1996 Alastair N. Craik