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Sheriff Macdonald Memorial Prize

The Sheriff TP Macdonald QC Memorial Prize and Lexis Nexis Mooting Trophy is awarded to the winning pair in the Law School Senior Mooting Competition. The prize was formerly the the LexisNexis Butterworths Senior Mooting Competition prize.

Sheriff Macdonald Memorial Prize
Year Prize winner
2021 Alexandra Beall Harrington and Ross Luke MacBrien Ward
2020 Valentin Pyataev and Fraser Rodger
2019 Richard Anderson and Rachel Winfield
2018 Daniel King and Ewa Jacon
2017 James MacFarlane and Isobel Murray-John
2016 Johnny Callender and Isla Burns
2015 Nicholas Dobbs and Hugh Masters
2014 Fraser McKay and Andrew Travers
2013 Eilidh Marnoch and Amy Pairman
2012 Alan Innes and Pierre Pecheux
2011 Euan McDougall and Tom Watret
2010 George Peto and Kirsty Tyre
2009 Thomas Mulhall and Paul Tominey
2008 Peter Douglas and Bruce McCombie
2007 Andrew Hay and Douglas Meehan
2006 Barnabus Ross and David Massaro