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Miller Prizes

Two prizes are awarded annually to the highest placed student in the Ordinary class of Revenue Law and the highest placed student in the Ordinary class of Commercial Law.

Miller Prizes
Year Prize winner
2021 Finn Mitchell(Commercial Law)
John Andrew Rea (Revenue Law)
2020 Calum John Henderson and Morag McEwan (jointly for Commercial Law)
The prize for Revenue Law wasn't awarded this year
2019 Anna Mcalpine (Commercial Law)
Fiona Mclean and Rebecca Gale (Revenue Law)
2018 Lilie Teden (Commercial Law)
James Dadashzadeh Ahari (Revenue Law)
2017 Anna Katie Steen (Commercial Law)
Anna Katie Steen (Revenue Law)
2016 Ione Edmundson (Commercial Law)
Harry Skinner (Revenue Law)
2015 Kirsty Mitchell (Commercial Law)
Danielle McLean (Revenue Law)
2014 Corin Metcalfe (Commercial Law)
James Bailey (Revenue Law)
2013 Julia Barette, Emily Hunter and Kirsty McGeough (Commercial Law)
Patrick Glennie (Revenue Law)
2012 Julika Bluethgen, Michael Fitzpatrick, David Haughey and John Thomson (Commercial Law)
Francesca Risino (Revenue Law)
2011 Christopher Whyte (Commercial Law Ordinary)
Giles Reid (Revenue Law)
2010 Alasdair Peterson (Commercial Law Ordinary)
Alasdair Peterson (Taxation Ordinary)
2009 Scott McGeachy (Commercial Law Ordinary)
Catharine Dempsey and Richard Faichney (Taxation Ordinary)
2008 Iona Mitchell (Commercial Law (Ordinary)
John Donnelly (Taxation (Ordinary)
2007 Fiona Rennet (Commercial Law (Ordinary)
Claire Jackson (Taxation (Ordinary)
2006 Catriona Stirling (Commercial Law (Ordinary)
Cathy Donald (Taxation (Ordinary)