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McClintock Prize

For the best performance in any of the following courses:

  • Criminology (Honours)
  • Gender and Justice (Honours)
  • Punishment and Society (Honours)

The prize is named after Professor Derrick McClintock who, in 1977, became the first holder of the Chair of Criminology at the University of Edinburgh (the second such chair established in the UK, the first being at the University of Cambridge).

Up until 2010 the prize was awarded for Criminology Honours.

McClintock Prize
Year Prize winner
2021 Julia Corcoran and Christopher Iain Muir
2020 Juliet Beltrami
2019 Holly Bird
2018 Samuel Denison
2017 Joseph Patrick McAulay
2016 Kayleigh Blair (Gender and Justice)
2015 Fraser Padmore (Gender and Justice)
2014 Shannon Turner
2013 Dominic Aitken
2012 Ralph Williams (Punishment and Society)
2011 Hayley Cohen (Criminology)
Alistair McConnell (Gender and Justice)
Stephanie Phillips (Punishment and Society)
2010 Luke Buckley
2009 Kate West
2008 Suzanne Borrowman
2007 Hilary Neil and Anna Ross
2006 Lynsey Hutchison