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Maclagan Prizes

Since 2010, two undergraduate prizes are awarded each year:

  • For the best overall performance in the Honours course Contemporary Issues in Medical Jurisprudence
  • For the best overall performance in the Honours course Fundamental Issues in Medical Jurisprudence

Prior to 2010, three prizes were awarded to:

  • The student with the best overall performance in the Honours course Medical Jurisprudence
  • The student with the best performance in the Honours essay in Medical Jurisprudence
  • The best overall performance by an Online Learning student on the LLM in Medical Law and Ethics
Maclagan Prizes
Year Prize winner
2021 Katie Feltham and Bethany Reed (Contemporary Issues)
Katie Feltham and Catriona Fowlie (Fundamental Issues)
2020 Thea Catherine Messina (Contemporary Issues) and Rhona Kate Malcolm (Fundamental Issues)
2019 Madeleine Greig (Contemporary Issues)
Ana Mayne (Fundamental Issues)
2018 Abigail Paul and Mallory Hornsby (Contemporary Issues)
Charise McIntosh (Fundamental Issues)
2017 Jamila Ruby Archibald and Claire Louise Innes (Contemporary Issues)
Kristen Lauren Eadie (Fundamental Issues)
2016 Alejandra Ruggeri, Calum McRobb, Gregor Hunter, Katie Newlands and Shannon Russell (Contemporary Issues)
Katherine Auld (Fundamental Issues)
2015 Claire Osborne (Contemporary and Fundemental issues)
2014 Mhairi Cruickshank (Contemporary Issues)
Elizabeth Davis (Fundamental Issues)
2013 Dominic Aitken (Overall Performance)
Dominic Aitken (Essay)
Mark Davies (Online Learning)
2012 Oliver Blundell (Overall Performance)
Oliver Blundell (Essay)
Neil Shorney (Online Learning)
2011 Darren Lightfoot (Overall Performance)
Lisa Zhao (Essay)