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Lord President Cooper Memorial Prize Scholarship

The Lord President Cooper Memorial Prize Scholarship is awarded to an Honours student of outstanding distinction on completion of his or her law degree, and is the most prestigious undergraduate prize awarded by Edinburgh Law School. The Prize Scholarship may be awarded jointly to two students, but is not necessarily awarded every year.

Lord President Cooper Memorial Prize Scholarship
Year Prize winner
2021 Francis Dominic Gill
2020 Stuart Coleman
2019 Iona Bonaventura
2018 Ione Edmundson
2017 Caitlin Prasad and Patrick Follan
2016 Fraser Padmore
2015 Zachary Korman
2014 Dominic Aitken
2013 Lorna Beveridge and Nawin Santikarn
2012 Alasdair Peterson
2011 Keiran Wilson
2010 Megan Dewart and Daniel Tierney
2009 Susan Clyde, Iona Friedberg and Gemma Grant
2008 Jill Robbie and Andrew Tickell
2007 Adam McKinlay
2006 John MacLeod
2005 Laura Barrie
2004 Peter Webster
2003 James MacLean
2002 Anna L. Lawrence
2001 Matthew Hancock and Brendan S. Whitty
2000 James D. Crawford and Lilian M. Moncrieff
1999 Thomas P. Walsh
1998 Lorna C. Barr
1997 Julie K. Hutchison
1996 Kevin R. Walton
1995 Karen F. Taylor
1994 Andrew J.M. Steven and Scott W. Wortley
1993 John Finlay
1992 Craig F. Stevenson
1991 Nicolas J.S. Lockhart
1990 Aileen T. McHarg
1989 Karen I. Hill
1988 David Bartos
1987 Fiona M. McKechnie
1986 Alison P. Brown
1985 Andrew F. Stewart
1984 W. James Wolffe
1983 [Not awarded]
1982 J. Douglas Brodie
1981 Jane D. Nairn
1980 Peter J. Braid
1979 David H. Small and Peter A. Nicholson
1978 Grant M. Findley
1977 Colin J. Tyre
1976 D. Blyth
1975 Alistair J.M. Duff
1974 Robert B. Ferguson
1973 R. Bruce Wood
1972 Miss F.M. MacLachlan
1971 Robert A. McCreadie and Miss I.M. Thompson
1970 Joseph M. Thomson
1969 Gordon I. Bennett
1968 Robert Black
1967 Peter J.H. Simpson
1966 John P. Grant
1965 Robert D.D. Bertram