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John Hastie Scholarships

Two scholarships, to the value of £2,000 and £1,000 respectively, are awarded annually to students who in the opinion of Edinburgh Law School are the most distinguished graduates of the academic year of award, taking into account the degree exams that they have passed in:

  • Legal Reason and Legal System, Delict and Contract and Unjustified Enrichment (ordinary level)
  • Property Law and Family law (ordinary level)
  • Any two of Public Law of the UK and Scotland, Commercial Law, Evidence and Criminal Law (ordinary level)

The degree exams should have been taken in consecutive years. A condition of the Scholarship is that students have to provide a written undertaking that they will qualify as a solicitor in Scotland.

John Hastie Scholarships
Year Prize winner
2021 Francis Dominic Gill(First) and Ross Luke MacBrien Ward (Second)
2020 George Geddes (First) and George Bruce (Second)
2019 Anna Steen (First) and April Sloan (Second)
2018 Laura McArdle (First) and Gregor Murphy (Second)
2017 Alec Fair (First) and Kirsty Mitchell (Second)
2016 Isla Burns (First) and James Bailey (Second)
2015 Luke Tait (First) and Courtney Lilly (Second)
2014 Peter Candy (First) and Amy Pairman (Second)
2013 Julia Barette (First) and Mara Schmueckle (Second)
2012 Tim Haddow (First) and Jack Kerr (Second)
2011 Victoria Smith (First) and Richard Faichney (Second)
2010 Kirsty Miguda (First) and Alisdair Macpherson (Second)
2009 Adelle Seaton (First) and Gemma Grant and Joanna Mithen (Second)
2008 Verity Robson (First) and Gillian Dabbs (Second)
2007 Adam McKinlay (First) and Lynsey Hutchison (Second)
2006 Rhona Keith (First) and Catriona Stirling (Second)