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Green's Prizes

Sponsored by W. Green Publishers, three prizes are awarded annually:

  • For the Best Performance in the Ordinary course in Evidence and Criminal Law (previously Criminal Law).
  • For the Best Overall Second Year Performance.
  • For the Best Overall Performance from the Graduate LLB programme.
Green's Prizes
Year Prize winner
2021 Not awarded
2020 George Bruce (Evidence and Criminal Law), Laura McLay (Second Year Performance) and Deniz Tanyolac (Graduate LLB)
2019 Holly Richardson (Evidence and Criminal Law)
Francis Gill (Second year performance)
Anna Mcalpine (Graduate LLB)
2018 Ross Nixon (Evidence and Criminal Law)
Ewa Jacon (Second year performance)
Douglas Morton (Graduate LLB)
2017 Anna Katie Steen (Evidence and Criminal Law)
Anna Katie Steen (Second year performance)
Kenneth Young (Graduate LLB)
2016 Laura Mcardle (Evidence and Criminal Law)
Ione Edmundson (Second year performance)
Isla Burns (Graduate LLB)
2015 Shannon Russell (Evidence and Criminal Law)
Molly Butler (Second year performance)
Michael Way of Plean (Graduate LLB)
2014 Peter Candy (Evidence and Criminal Law)
James Bailey (Second year performance)
Peter Candy (Graduate LLB)
2013 Julia Barette (Criminal Law Ordinary)
Emily Hunter (Second year performance)
Julia Barette (Graduate LLB)
2012 Amy Pairman (Criminal Law Ordinary)
David Haughey (Second year performance)
Tim Haddow (Graduate LLB)
2011 Kate Sharp (Criminal Law Ordinary)
Nawin Santikarn (Second year performance)
Fiona Simpson (Graduate LLB)
2010 Devon Brewster, Calum Fox, Xanthe Keeton, Peter Lewin and Catriona MacDonald (Criminal Law Ordinary)
Alasdair Peterson (Second year performance)
Alisdair Macpherson (Graduate LLB)
2009 Joanna Mithen (Criminal Law Ordinary)
Nicola Shand (Second year performance)
Adelle Seaton (Graduate LLB)
2008 Claire Withers (Criminal Law Ordinary)
Daniel Tierney (Second Year Performance)
Stewart Bingham (Graduate LLB)
2007 Bruce McCombie (Criminal Law Ordinary)
Adam Machray (Second Year Performance)
Claire Jackson (Graduate LLB)
2006 Greg McEwen (Criminal Law Ordinary)
Cathy Donald (Second Year Performance)
Rhona Keith and Catriona Stirling (Graduate LLB)