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Family Law Association Prizes

Sponsored by the Family Law Association, these prizes are for the best performance in the Honours and Ordinary courses in Family Law.

Family Law Association Prizes
Year Prize winner
2021 Tara Bryson and Alice McCreadie (Honours) and Anna Rea (Ordinary)
2020 Catriona Fowlie (Honours) and Finn Mitchell (Ordinary)
2019 Jessica D'Alton (Honours)
Elia Davidson (Ordinary)
2018 Casey Taylor (Honours)
Argyll Reid, Emily Russell and Jenny Purdie (Ordinary)
2017 Ciara Christina McCartney (Honours)
George Geddes (Ordinary)
2016 Emma O’Rourke (Honours)
Anna Steen (Ordinary)
2015 Thomas Nicol (Honours)
Gregor Murphy (Ordinary)
2014 Stacey Gourley (Honours)
Alec Fair (Ordinary)
2013 Lorna Beveridge (Honours)
James Bailey (Ordinary)
2012 David Nelson (Honours)
David Gray (Ordinary)
2011 Heather Burnett and Rebecca Foster (Honours)
Francesca Risino (Ordinary)
2010 Victoria Smith (Honours)
Emma Lochery (Ordinary)
2009 Laura O'Neill (Honours)
Juliette Brelsford (Ordinary)
2008 Naomei Warner (Honours)
Victoria Smith (Ordinary)