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Customising our site

With a few simple steps you can customise the appearance of our website to make it easier to read and navigate.

Display settings

In order to make our website easier to read and navigate, you can change display settings such as:

  • text size
  • colour and contrast
  • screen magnification
  • style sheets

Guidance on how to improve accessibility and customise your settings for internet browsers

Different browsers and operating systems provide varying ways of customising your experience so as to maximise accessibility. The following external links provide guidance on those customisations for each named browser:

Internet Explorer

We are aware that our website does not provide full compatibility with Internet Explorer, which some users still require in order to maximise their browsing experience. We apologise for these limitations, which specifically affect the rendering of images on our site. To this end, we recommend users disable images when browsing our site.

To disable images while browsing on Internet Explorer, you need to open "Internet Options" and go to the Advanced Tab. Scroll down to the Multimedia Section and uncheck the "Show Pictures" check-box, click the Apply button, and then the Exit button.

Navigation aids for screen readers

If you are using a screen reader or speaking browser, we have special links on every page to help you navigate faster. These are often called ‘skip links’.

These menus will be read out to you. If you are not using assistive software, you will not see these links.