Please refer to the Student Handbook where you will find answers to questions about our undergraduate programmes and procedures in the School of Law, and much more. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the Handbook, here are a few questions that may arise.

Student Handbook

I need information on matriculation.

Please contact registry if you have any questions about the matriculation process.

Academic Registry

What do I need to do if I miss Freshers' Week?

It is vital that you contact Registry as soon as possible to confirm your matriculation. You also need to come in to see us at the Student Support Office so we can confirm your attendance and ensure that you are registered on the correct courses. We will also make an appointment for you to meet with your Personal Tutor.

Academic Registry

My attendance has been confirmed and my course registration too. How do I sign up for tutorials?

You will have to wait until courses go 'live' on MyEd, thus allowing students to sign up for tutorials. This occurs between the end of week 1 and week 2 of the semester, so there is plenty of time ahead. Students will be notified when registration becomes available.

How do I change a course?

If you begin a course and decide that you do not wish to continue, you must inform your Personal Tutor immediately. She or he can withdraw you from a course provided that it is not a compulsory course for the LLB degree. You should also be aware that dropping courses might have consequences for your future options, such as entering the legal profession, and you should discuss this with your Personal Tutor.

If you wish to transfer into a course that has already begun, this is a matter for the discretion of the Course Organiser in question. Your Personal Tutor can advise you on these matters, but transfers should, wherever possible, take place within two weeks of the start of the course. 

I have changed one of my courses and I now have to register for tutorials: what is the correct way to go about doing this?

When students change courses, the information takes some time to filter down into EUCLID. given the delays in EUCLID updating, if your course change has just been approved you will have to wait some time for the sign-up to become available to you. Sometimes it can (for reasons that are beyond the Law School's control) take up to 36 hours for this to happen. Therefore, be advised that you have to plan ahead and consider this possible time-lag; most importantly, be aware that you cannot expect to change courses and then be able to register for tutorials immediately.

Also, you should bear in mind that tutorial group signup is only available within a specific window of time, for specific courses. Once this time window has expired, additional changes have to be handled by the Teaching Office. However, you must have a well-founded reason to be allocated to a different tutorial group (see p. 22 of the Student Handbook, which speaks of 'compelling special circumstances' and expressly excludes 'work commitments' from this category); changes will, in fact, not be permitted just on the ground of inconvenience. So, if you have just changed courses and cannot register for tutorials, be patient! Also limit your queries to the Teaching Office in respect to this matter only to serious, well-founded requests for a change to a different tutorial group.

What do I do if I am absent due to illness?

If you are experiencing medical problems of a degree of severity which makes it likely that your studies will suffer, you should discuss this with your Personal Tutor or the Student Support Officer. It is usually helpful if you can provide a letter from your doctor in support of your medical problems. Clearly, not every visit to the doctor would result in the submission of a medical certificate and you should use your judgement as to whether or not the University should be informed. If the problem affects more than a week’s classes, you should let us know, as your tutors will report your absence if you miss two consecutive classes. 

If illness affects your attendance or submission of work for seven days or less, you should hand a completed Illness Self-Certification Form to the School Office.

What do I need to do if I miss a tutorial? 

Tutorials are an integral part of your study and you should make every effort to attend these as failure to do so may result in penalisation. If you have missed a tutorial, you must contact your Tutor to account for your absence and find out what preparation is required for the next tutorial. Similarly, if you know in advance of any good reason why you will not be able to attend a tutorial, you should inform your tutor at the earliest opportunity and be prepared to catch up on any missed coursework.

What do I need to do if I miss a deadline? 

If you cannot complete your coursework in the allotted time-frame, you should contact the relevant Tutor or Course Organiser at the earliest opportunity to request an extension. Please note that extensions are only given in cases of severe or unforeseeable difficulty and requests must be accompanied by a medical certificate and/or letter from your Personal Tutor. Any course-work submitted late without an extension having been agreed will be penalised and may not be assessed. Please note that computer problems are not accepted as an excuse for late submission. 

What should I do if I have failed an examination? 

Please see you Personal Tutor in the first instance. If your PT is not available please contact one of the team in the SSO law.sso@ed.ac.uk 

What should I do if I need to take an authorised interruption to study?

You should talk to your Personal Tutor as soon as you start to think that an authorised interruption to study may be required. Your PT will then advise you about the procedure.

Is it possible to transfer to another degree programme? 

If you realise that law is not for you and you would like to transfer to another programme of study, your first port of call should be the Student Support Officer. They will discuss options with you, although ultimately if you want to move to another School or University, this will be a matter for the discretion of the Associate Dean of the College into which you wish to transfer. You might also get some credit for law subjects that you have already passed, but once again this is a matter to be decided by the School/University to which you wish to transfer. Transfer to another School within the College of Humanities and Social Science (CHSS) must be approved at College level and you will be asked to attend an interview with the Associate Dean. Consent, particularly where the transfer will involve an additional year of study, is not automatic. Your SSO can give you further information about the relevant procedures. There are deadlines for requests to transfer to other schools in CHSS; in the past students have been expected to complete a degree programme transfer request form by 5 April, but you should check with your SSO what the deadline is for the relevant year as early as possible.

How do I go about getting an academic reference?;

When you graduate you will be given a Final Profile which you should keep safe. This serves as both a professional and academic reference.

I am a visiting student: what Law courses can I register for?

Please consult the webpage below - select Law among subjects and then the period of study you are wishing to study within the Law School to see what courses are available to you.


I would like to work in an international organisation. How do I go about it?

You will find useful information about this on the following web pages of the Careers Services: