Solicitor Links for Undergraduate Guidance (SLUG)

Solicitor Links for Undergraduate Guidance (SLUG) is an initiative from Edinburgh Law School designed to create links between solicitors/legal professionals and second year LLB students. It aims to provide students with an insight into the various careers available within the legal profession, while giving solicitors/legal professionals the opportunity to connect with law students.

Students will partner with legal firms/organisations and spend time in their offices during semester time. Students will be able to observe and shadow, where appropriate, and gain valuable insights.  This will give students a unique opportunity to make contacts and experience life in a legal setting.

We recognise that the legal work experience can seem daunting and so we have set up this initiative to help bridge the gap between study and practice.  

Solicitors/legal professionals will also benefit from the programme as they are able to work with the next legal generation and, in some instances, fulfil some of their firm's Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Placement dates for Academic Year 2015/16 have been published here.