Joint LLB Honours Degrees

Welcome to Joint Honours LLB Degrees!

At present Edinburgh Law School offers the following joint honours degrees. Please follow the relevant link for entry requirements and information about the degree you are interested in.

Each of these programmes is studied over four years and you will take a range of courses from both the Law School and the School in which your programme is combined.

To see the full programme structure for each of the joint degree options please click on the relevant link above.

Note about entry to the Legal Profession

Please be aware, if you wish to qualify for entry into training for the legal profession, it can be difficult to get all the subjects required by the Law Society of Scotland. Depending on the joint degree you choose, you may need to take extra courses in some years in order to meet the requirements set by the Law Society of Scotland.

You should discuss your course options with your personal tutor as soon as you register in year one, to ensure that your career goals can be met by your degree programme structure.

One of the attractions of the Edinburgh LLB joint Honours degree however, is that it is possible to revert to a 'pure' law degree at (or indeed before) the end of the first year, or even at a later date, should you decide to do so. This means that the joint Honours degree allows you to keep your options open even after you've started your degree here at Edinburgh. Depending on what courses you have taken up to the point you decide to change, you may still have to take extra courses in order to meet the requirements of the Law Society of Scotland for entry to training for the legal profession.

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