Law Society of Scotland Prizes

Two prizes are awarded annually to the top student in the Private Client (formerly, Wills, Trusts and Executries) course and the top student in Civil Court Practice course. Both courses form part of the curriculum for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice.

Previous Winners


Niamh Morrison (Private Client)
Kirsten Holmes and Alexander Fair (Civil Court Practice)


Corin Metcalfe (Private Client)
James McMahon and Corin Metcalfe (Civil Court Practice)


Andrew Nicholson (Private Client)
Jamie Gordon and Adam Swayne (Civil Court Practice)


Richard McLaren (Private Client)
Sean White (Civil Court Practice)

Fiona Nairn (Private Client)
Mara Schmueckle (Civil Court Practice)
Peter Lewin and David Bales (Private Client)
Sarah-Jayne Findlay, Alison McAteer and Lyndsey Mitchell (Civil Court Practice)
Fiona Simpson (Private Client)
Sarah Sutherland (Civil Court Practice)
2011 Annette Baillie (Private Client)
Lucy Hendry (Civil Court Practice)
2010 Jacqueline Patterson (Private Client)
Samantha Taylor (Civil Court Practice)
2009 Victoria Simpson (Private Client)
Lisa Jackson (Civil Court Practice)
2008 Elizabeth Chalmers (Private Client)
Stuart Greenwood (Civil Court Practice)
2007 Angus Macaskill (Private Client)
Rhona Keith (Civil Court Practice)
2006 Victoria MacDuff (Private Client)
Craig Roberts (Civil Court Practice)