Berriedale Keith Essay Prizes

The Berriedale Keith Essay Prize is awarded to the student with the highest mark in the essay in the Constitutional Law Honours class.  Previously two prizes could be awarded annually, if both courses were running, for both Honours courses in Administrative Law and Constitutional Law. 

Prize Winners

2018          Clare Tuohy, Colleen Morawetz, Darshbir Singh Chahal, Natchaya Suwannasri, Polly Smythe and Sarah McGowan
2017          Alena Michelle Despre
2016          Marion MacDonald
2015          Susan Love
2014          Marko Supronyuk
2013          Christopher Nairn (Constitutional)
2012          Ruth Moffett (Constitutional) 
2011          Christopher Wheble (Constitutional)
2010          Scott McGeachy (Administrative)
2009          Matthew MacFarlane (Administrative)
                  Euan Anderson (Constitutional)
2008           Andrew Hay (Administrative)
                   Joseph Denning (Constitutional)
2007           Grant McLarty (Administrative)
                  John Clark and Craig Nicholson (Constitutional)
2006           Afson Barekat (Administrative)
                  Gordon Bartlett and Jane Pendry (Constitutional)
2005           Kate Laing and James Macdiarmid (Administrative)
                  Karen Orr (Constitutional)
2004           Richard Singer (Administrative)
                   Craig J. Neilson (Constitutional)
2003           Alasdair Mackay (Administrative)
                   Lilian M. Moncrieff (Constitutional)
2002           Not awarded (Administrative)
                   Ewan Regan (Constitutional)