Research Ethics and Integrity at Edinburgh Law School

Research Ethics Support

Edinburgh Law School at the University of Edinburgh is committed to enabling research of the highest quality - from conception, to conduct, to completion and impact. It expects its members (undergraduate students, research students, early career researchers, and senior academics) to design the most ethical and effective research, and to pursure that research in the most ethical and sensitive manner. 

All staff and students are required to obtain consent from the Research Ethics and Integrity Committee prior to the commencement of any research project. Importantly, Edinburgh Law School provides support for its members in relation to considering the moral and ethical foundation and all the ethical aspects of research. 

Research Ethics Support at Edinburgh Law School (EASE log-in required)

Research Ethics Misconduct

All complaints by students, staff, or members of the public with respect to research misconduct by a member of Edinburgh Law School should be sent to:

Once logged, the Head of School will be notified and the complaint will be considered by the Research Ethics and Integrity Committee, which will make a determination of misconduct and recommendations for action.

For more on complaints, see the University Complaint Handling Procedure Handbook (pdf).