Legal Theory


Research Students

Noppadon Detsomboonrut  'International Law as a Constitutionalized Legal System'

Daniel Torres Goncalves  'The role of law interpretation to the protection of Digital Identity Rights'

Martin Kelly  'Re-gilding the 'Golden' Rule of Legal Construction'

Alexander Latham  'Democracy and Judicial Review: a theory of a practice'

Felipe Oliveira de Sousa  'Reason-Giving as a Form of Recognition: a study on the moral nature of practical decision-making'

Asya Ostroukh  'Reception of the French Civil Code in Quebec, Louisiana and Francophone Switzerland'

Maureen O'Sullivan  'Deconstructing Patents at the Edge of Reason'

Luiz Fernando C. Silveira  'Communication and Legal Decision-Making: Between the Subjective and the Objective'

Jaime Ubilla Fuenzalida  'Reflexive Law and Reflexive Property Rights: Tackling the Regulatory Trilemma of Ecosystems Conservation'