Charles Fletcher

'The Regality and Barony Court of Grant: Justice and Society in Strathspey circa. 1690-1730.'

LLB, LLM (Edinburgh)


My research considers the role of regality and barony courts in the context of the Highlands in the early years of the eighteenth century. Courts of regality and barony handled a large part of the justice done in Scotland from the time that such grants first appeared in the time of David I until their final abolition in 1747. However, the final period of these courts' operation is one of the areas of Scottish legal history that is in need of modern study. My research will attempt to address this gap through a case study of the Grant family's courts in Strathspey. Academic Scholarships. Edinburgh Law School PhD Scholarship 2016 Edinburgh University UK/EU Masters Scholarship 2015 Van Dunlop Scholarship 2015 Dalgety Scholarship 2015 Contributions to Conferences (2017) “The Northern Circuit of the Justiciary Court and the Regality of Grant, 1708-1750”, delivered at “Directions in Legal History and Roman Law”.