Lucas Miotto Lopes

'Covenants and Swords: Coercion in Law'

MA (Puc-Rio - Brazil) Bachelors in Law (UFOP - Brazil)



2014-Present: Phd in Law at the University of Edinburgh.

2012-2014: MA in Theory of the State and Constitutional Law at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2007-2012: Bachelors in Law at Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil. 

Other Experiences:  

Spring - 2013, Visiting Scholar at Brown University - Philosophy Department.

Autumn 2010, Bilateral Student at University of Oslo - Law School.  

Scholarships and Awards: 

-  National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq, Brazil) Scholarship for full PhD abroad, 2014-2018.

-  National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq, Brazil) Scholarship for full MA, 2012-2014. Brown in Brazil Scholarship for Spring Term Visiting Scholar, 2013. 

-  Award for the 2nd place in the "1st Contest for Academic Papers in Law" organised by the Federal University of Ouro Preto, Law School, 2010.  


'Sanctioning'. Jurisprudence, (Forthcoming)

'Evaluating the Force of Law's Force'. Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy, v. 40. 2016.  

'Law and Coercion: Introduction'. Jurisprudence, v.7 (3), 523-524, 2016.

 In Portuguese:


‘Acerca do que Há de Comum nos Jogos’ [‘On What is Common Among Games’]. Criticanarede, Vol. Julho, 1-8, 2017. 

'Eu Não Quero Saber! Uma defesa do Direito de Não Saber como Independente do Direito à Privacidade.' [I don´t want to know: a defense of the right not to know as independent of the right to privacy']. Direito Estado e Sociedade, v.45, 82-97, 2015.

'Juízos Causais sem Normas' [Causal Judgments Without Norms']. Theoria - Revista Eletrônica de Filosofia, v. VI, 140-152, 2014.

'O Que Há de Errado com a Pornografia?' ['What's wrong with Pornography?'] Fundamento: revista de Filosofia, v. 1, 109-123, 2013.

'Sobre a Regressão Infinita de Russell Contra o Nominalismo de Semelhança' ['On Russell's Infinite Regress against Resemblance Nominalism']. Criticanarede, v. Maio, 1-14, 2012.    

'O Preço do Patrimônio Cultural: Uma Análise do Conflito entre Valor Cultural e Valor Econômico' ['The Price of Cultural Heritage: an analysis of the clash between cultural and economic values']. Anais do Congresso Luso-Brasileiro de Direito do Patrimônio Cultural, 2011.

Crédito e Confiança: A Influência das Normas Sociais nas Relações de Crédito' ['Credit and Confidence: the influence of social norms in credit transactions'], (Co-authored with Edgar Flores Filho). Annual Papers of the Latin American and Caribbean Law Economics Association, 2009.  

Book Reviews:

Review of Brian Leiter's 'Objectivity of Laws and Morals' (In Portuguese). Criticanarede, 2012.

Review of Mark Murphy's 'Philosophy of Law: the fundamentals' (In Portuguese). Criticanarede, 2010.

Review of Amartya Sen's 'On Ethics and Economics' (In Portuguese). Criticanarede, 2009. 


Portuguese Translation of Crawford L. Elder’s ‘The Place of Artifacts in Ontology’. Criticanarede, Agosto 2017.

Portuguese Translation of Frederick Schauer’s ‘In Defence of Rule-Based Evidence Law – and Epistemology Too’. Teoria Jurídica Contemporânea, Vol. 1 (2), 319-335, 2016 (Published in 2017).

Portuguese Translation of Jim Stone’s ‘Games and Family Resemblances’. Criticanarede, Julho, 2017.

Portuguese Translation of  Brian Bix's 'On the Dividing Line Between Natural Law Theory and Legal Positivism'. Theoria - Revista Eletrônica de Filosofia, v. V, 13, 161-174, 2013. 

Portuguese Translation of Andrei Marmor's 'The Nature of Law' (SEP entry). Direito, Estado e Sociedade, v. 42, 6-23, 2013. 

Portuguese Translation of Wesley Cragg's 'Punishment' (Entry of Philosophy of Law an Encyclopedia). Criticanarede, 2010.  

Recent Presentations:

'What is Coercion Like?'. Work in Progress Session. Edinburgh, 21/06/2017.  

‘What Makes Law Coercive When it is Coercive?’. Harvard-Edinburgh Legal Theory Colloquium. University of Edinburgh. 24-25/02/2017

Covenants and Swords: An account of Coercion in Law’. 3rd Year Presentation Series. Edinburgh. 10/3/2017.

‘Threats and the Law’. Oxford-Edinburgh Legal Theory Colloquium. University of Oxford, All Souls College. 23/10/2016 

A Note on Sanctioning’. 2016 Legal Theory Festival – Workshop: The Nature of Legal Sanctions. University of Edinburgh, 1/6/2016.

‘On the Society of Angels Thought Experiment’. Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group Seminar Series. University of Oxford, 26/5/2016. 

‘The Coerciveness of Legal Systems’. 6th MetaLawEcon Workshop - Law and Coercion: The Role of Public and Private Enforcement in Law.Universiteit van Amsterdam, 10-11/12/2015.  

‘A Coercitividade do Direito: Direito como Comandos’. Seminar given at the University of São Paulo School of Law (Campus Ribeirão Preto)  25/8/15. 

A Coercitividade do Direito: Teorias da Coerção’. Seminar given at the University of São Paulo School of Law (Campus Ribeirão Preto).  24/8/15. 

On The Society of Angels Thought Experiment. Edinburgh Legal Theory Work in Progress Session. Edinburgh: UK, 2015.

On The Society of Angels Thought Experiment. Fourth Edinburgh Ethics Fest. Edinburgh: UK, 2015.

Two Dogmas of Naturalism in Legal Philosophy. Edinburgh Legal Theory Work in Progress Session. Edinburgh: UK, 2014. 

Is Coerciveness an Essential Property of Law? IVR, SWS Concepts and Conceptions of Law. Belo Horizonte: Brazil, 2013. 

I Don’t Want to Know: a defence of the right not to know as independent of the right to privacy (presented in Portuguese). Puc-Rio Postgrad Seminar. Rio de Janeiro: Brazil, 2013. 

Presentations Given as Discussant:

Comments on David Plunkett's ‘Robust Normativity, Morality, and Legal Positivism. Law and Metaphysics Workshop, University of Edinburgh 1/6/2017. 

Comments on Mikolaj Barczentewicz’s “Metaphysics of the Rule of Recognition and the Illuminati Problem”.  Edinburgh-Oxford Legal Theory Colloquium. University of Edinburgh. 27/6/2016.

Comments on Jesus Niebla Zatarin’s “Copyrights and Robotics: An Artificial intelligence Approach towards Achieving Security through Electronic Devices”. University of Edinburgh, 3rd Year Seminar Series, 29/1/2016.

Comments on Verena Risse’s “Rightful Coercion: Grounding the Legitimate Exercise of Coercion in Individual Rights”. 6th MetaLawEcon Workshop - Law and Coercion: The Role of Public and Private Enforcement in Law. Universiteit van Amsterdam, 10/12/2015.

Comments on Matthew Grellette’s “Law as Government by Warrant”. 2015-16 Edinburgh Legal Theory Seminar Series, 5/11/2015.

‘Comments on Paolo Sandro’s “Ignorance of Law Cannot Excuse: on the Externality of Law and the Ascription of Legal Responsibility”’. 2015-16 Edinburgh Legal Theory Seminar Series, 17/9/2015.


Tutor at University of Edinburgh (2015-2016):  Jurisprudence, Critical Legal Thinking

Teaching Traineeship at PUC-Rio (2012): Legal Philosophy

TA at Federal University of Ouro Preto (2008-2009): Legal Philosophy


Departmental & University Service:

Convenor of the Edinburgh Legal Theory Research Group – 2015-2017.*

*As a convenor, I have organised more than sixty events, including seminars, workshops, and conferences. 

Journal Referee:

Edinburgh Student Law Review, Teoria Jurídica Contemporânea, Revista Direito GV.

Editorial Work:

- Assistant Editor of Revista Direito, Estado e Sociedade – 2012-2014. 

- Guest Editor 'Law and Coercion Symposium'. Jurisprudence. v7 (3), 2016.

Other Relevant Information:

CV in Portuguese webpage