Kenneth Campbell

'The role of the Scottish 'settlement' in the emergence of constitutional laws and Britain's 'unwritten' constitution.'

LL.B. (Hons) (Glas), LL.M. (Lond), Dip.LP, Advocate & Barrister


In Britain's notoriously uncodified constitution, the question of whether it is the higher courts or Parliament which is in fact the ultimate protector of fundamental rights can be, and is, meaningfully asked in a way which would have rather less validity in a codified constitutional state. 

This research seeks to examine the judicial articulation of the idea that certain statutes and certain rights have a 'constitutional' character, and are therefore to be afforded enhanced respect and protection. It seeks to do so by examining the case law generated by the Scottish devolution arrangements, and extending into related case law in the other British jurisdictions.

Kenneth is the holder of a Shaw Macfie Lang Fellowship.

Kenneth is also a member of the Bar in Scotland and in England practising (amongst others) in the areas of public law.