Nasour Koursami

'The 'Contextual Elements' of the Crime of Genocide'

LLB (Hons) Cardiff, LLM Bristol, PhD Edinburgh

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  • Principal Supervisor: Dr Paul Behrens
  • Assistant Supervisor: Dr Stephen Neff


Current Research topic: 

My research focuses on the international criminal law of genocide and particularly examines whether the “Contextual Elements” of genocide is a constitutive element of the crime or the extent to which genocidal pattern, plan or policy and magnitude are necessary for the commission fo the crime of genocide.

To so the research critically evaluates the development of the contextual element of genocide from the beginnings of the academic concept of the crime to its current position in the international criminal tribunals and the International Criminal Court. It analyses the rationale for the existence of a contextual element, offers a critique of relevant recent decisions in international criminal law and general international law and examines the inconsistencies which are inherent in the case law to date.


Tutor International Law Ordinary Edinburgh University 

Assistance lecturer-Adam-Baraka University Chad

The national School of Administration Chad –ENA-


"Proving genocidal intent: the need to pigeonhole evidence" presented at the International Law Discussion Group Series at Edinburgh Law School