Research Students


Dinah Aitken  'In harm's way: the experience of young people with a family member in prison'


Snjólaug Árnadóttir  'The Effect of Changing Circumstances on Maritime Limits and Maritime Boundaries'


Cristina Ayala  'Comparison of reintegration and resettlement interventions for female members of Colombian paramilitary groups and women offenders in Scotland, including the role of communities in these initiatives'


Megan Bastick  'Military responses to sexual violence in armed conflict'

Jack Beattie  'Paediatric expert opinion evidence in cases of infant harm: science, truth-telling and justice'

Tobias Bednarz  'Collective Management of Copyright in Music for Online Uses: The Implications of the Cultural Functions of Collecting Societies for a Multi-territorial Licensing Model'

Justine Bendel  'Role of International Courts and Tribunals in Environmental Disputes'

Himani Bhakuni  'Clinical trials, Consent, and Context: the Indian experience'

Vivek Bhatt  '? Edit How has the war on terrorism impacted upon individuals¿ position within the international legal order?'

Genci Bilali  'The Anglo-American Competition Aspects of Bank Mergers'

Jessica Bird  'Segregation arrangements in Scottish prisons: a socio-spatial history'

Stephen Bogle  'The emergence of the will theory in Scots contract law'

Louise Brangan  'Comparative Penality in Ireland and Scotland'

Jamie Buchan  'Restructuring Community Justice in Scotland, 2012-2017: Policy and Power Dynamics in the Penal Field'

Paul Burgess  'Rhetorical conceptions of the Rule of Law: Evolution or Revolution?'


Mat Campbell  'Anglo-Franco-Scots perspectives on unjust(ified) enrichment'

Kenneth Campbell  'The role of the Scottish 'settlement' in the emergence of constitutional laws and Britain's 'unwritten' constitution.'

Peter Candy  'Roman maritime law from the end of the Republic to the reign of Diocletian: a social and economic perspective'

Humberto Carrasco  'Regulation as a mechanism to encourage competition in the area of telecommunications in Chile '

Israel Cedillo Lazcano  'Legislative Challenges Relating to the Evolution of Money'

Katarzyna Chalaczkiewicz-Ladna  'The relevance of the long-term interests in the decision making processes of company directors in the UK, Delaware and Germany: a critical evaluation'

Po-Yuan Chang  'Intentionally Inflicted Mental Harm'

Jiahong Chen  'Personal Data Protection in the Age of Big Data: Legal Challenges and Responses in the Context of Online Behavioural Advertising'

Jing-Han Chen  'The Stateless in Taiwan: The Problem of Producing Stateless People under the Immigration Act and Nationality Act of Taiwan'

Shunyu Chi  'An Evaluation of the Transplantation of Takeover Rules from U.K. and U.S. from the Prospective of China'

Darin Clearwater  'Taming Technology: Regulating Inter-State Cyber Attacks under the Use-of-Force Framework'

Leonardo Andres Cofre Perez  'The structure of participatory democracy for local governance in unitary states: the case of Chile'

Ben Collier  'Cyborg infrastructures and resistance - a sociological study of Tor'


Yianna Danidou  'Legal Implications of Trusted Computing'

Beatriz de Sousa Fernandes  'A legal study of Marine Protected Areas in the context of International Environmental Law'

Noppadon Detsomboonrut  'International Law as a Constitutionalized Legal System'

Laurence Diver  'Artificial Intelligence and compliance by design'

Edward Dove  'Promoting Health Research and Protecting Participants? The Impact of 'Next-Generation' Health Research Regulation on Research Ethics Committees'

Laura Downey  'Technological Challenges to Legal Norms in Health Care'


Yvonne Enoch  'The complex pre-contractual role of the intermediary in Insurance Contract Law: The way forward'


Charles Fletcher  'The Regality and Barony Court of Grant: Justice and Society in Strathspey circa. 1690-1730.'

Anna-Archontia (Arianna) Florou  'International Taxation of foreign corporate income distributed and derived in the light of the OECD Model, EU Law and CFC Rules: comparative analysis of the different approaches'


James Gacek  'Emplacing Compliance: Experiences of Electronic Monitoring Practices in Edinburgh, Scotland'

María Paz Gatica Rodríguez  'The law of neighbours'

Eva Goetz  'Taxation of European Company Forms'

Daniel Torres Goncalves  'The role of law interpretation to the protection of Digital Identity Rights'

Pascal Kurt Gotthardt  'Climate change and the World Trade Organization'

Pablo Grez Hidalgo  'Distribution of Powers Between the Executive and the Parliament in Lawmaking: The case of Chile'

Josep-Maria Guerra  '? Edit Self-improving ArtificiaI Intelligence: from legal theory to insurance solutions'

Arantxa Gutiérrez Raymondova  'The taxonomy of non-pecuniary losses. A comparative study of English law and French law.'


Emily Hancox  'The Interplay between Norms in the EU Legal Order: Implications for the Scope of EU Law'

Jasmin Hepburn  'The "ius commune" in Early Modern European legal thought (1453 - 1683)'

Rebecca Hewer  'The conceptualisation of prostitution as a form of violence against women'

Bonnie Holligan  'Protection of Ownership in Scots Law'

Shane Horgan  'An Exploration of Public Sensibilities towards the Digital Dimensions of Crime and Disorder'


Anindita Jaiswal  'Women Directors on Board:The Regulatory Roadmap for India'

Matthew Jewell  'Dissent in the smart city: Contesting cyber-physical architectures'

Giedre Jokubauskaite  'Accountability towards individuals and communities affected by the World Bank loan agreements'

Christian Paul Jones  'Fundamental political freedoms, privacy, free speech and election regulation: The legal challenges of political marketing in the modern era'

Dawoon Jung  'A study on International regulations of offshore energy activities'


Evgenia Kanellopoulou  'New Business Models for the Music Industries: the new role of Copyright in Relevant Markets for music'

Lambros George Kaoullas  'Security Deficit, Communalisation of the Monopoly of Violence and Polity-Building in Cyprus during the 1963-64 Crisis'

Martin Kelly  'Re-gilding the 'Golden' Rule of Legal Construction'

Korrasut Khopuangklang  'A Comparative Study of Promise in Thai law, Scots law and the Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR)'

David Komuves  'Making Sense of e-Discovery: Computer-Assisted Approaches to Digital Evidence Interpretation and Evaluation'

Nevena Kostova  'The Relationship between Copyright, Creators' Organisations and Business Models'

Ilya Kotlyar  'Influence of Jus Commune on the Scottish judicial practice of succession to movables in 1560-1660'

Nasour Koursami  'The 'Contextual Elements' of the Crime of Genocide'

Lei Kuang  'Competition Policy and State-Owned Enterprises in Contemporary China'


Alexander Latham  'Democracy and Judicial Review: a theory of a practice'

Chia-Hsing Li  'Optimum Governance of Investment Conduct in the Capital Markets Union-A Legal and Economic Analysis'

Wenlong Li  'Big data and data protection: A comparative perspective'

You-Hung Lin  'The Constitutionality and Legality of Forced Access of Telecommunications Networks; A Comparative Study of the EU and Taiwan'


Ross Macdonald  'Accounting for lifetime gifts in the law of succession'

Katarina MacDonald Tomolova  'Supporting Victims of Human Trafficking: Experiences of Past - and Prospects for Future - Outcomes for Victims of Trafficking in the UK'

Lorna MacFarlane  'Exceptions to the privity doctrine in Scots contract law'

Justin Damian Macinante  'Governance and regulation - the institutions and means of implementation for global networking of emissions trading schemes and carbon pricing mechanisms for greenhouse gas mitigation in the post-Paris Agreement environment.'

Alisdair MacPherson  'The Attachment and Ranking of the Floating Charge in Scots Law'

Ali Malik  'Democracy and epistocracy reconciled? The Scottish Police Authority and police governance in Scotland after 2012'

Ben Matthews  'Criminal Careers and the Crime Drop in Scotland'

Catriona McMillan  ''The Human Embryo in vitro: A Processual Entity in Legal Stasis''

Lucas Miotto Lopes  'Covenants and Swords: Coercion in Law'

Sean Molloy  'The Business of Peace: Exploring the relationship between business, socioeconomic rights, and Transitional Justice?'

Ruby Moynihan  'The contribution of the UNECE Water Regime to environmental protection and equity in international water law'


Jesus Manuel Niebla Zatarain  ''Copyright on the Internet: Achieving Security Through Electronic Devices, An Artificial Intelligence Approach''

Briege Nugent  'A qualitative longitudinal study of Includem's Transitional Support'


Nicolas Ojeda Zavala  'Crossroads: how can the Precautionary Principle improve the consultation process and the protection of the rights of the indigenous people'

Felipe Oliveira de Sousa  'Reason-Giving as a Form of Recognition: a study on the moral nature of practical decision-making'

P. Trent Olsen  'The inclusive guise of gay asylum: a socio-legal analysis of sexual minority asylum recognition in the United Kingdom'

Asya Ostroukh  'Reception of the French Civil Code in Quebec, Louisiana and Francophone Switzerland'

Maureen O'Sullivan  'Deconstructing Patents at the Edge of Reason'


Luis Fernando Pantoja Nunez  'Relationship between inequality and antisocial behaviour in schools in Mexico'

Dionysios Pelekis  'The EU Commission's new approach to fiscal State aid: Issues of law and policy, a comparative analysis'

Alasdair Peterson  'Positive Prescription of Servitudes and Rights of Way'

Zoe Picton-Howell  'What Does the Law Bring to Difficult Medical Decision Making on Behalf of Children with Complex Health Problems and Disability?'

Emily Postan  'Defining Ourselves: self-construction and the governance of personal biological information'

Elizabeth Przychodzki  'An Analysis of Current UK Protection From Bullying & Harassment In The Workplace Outside Discrimination Law Protection'


Thomas Rigg  'Enlightened Shareholder Value in the Face of the Theory of the Firm'

Daniela Rodríguez Gutiérrez  'Penal transformations: The case of the Chilean youth justice system'


Constanza Salgado  'Private property and its public dimension.'

Xinxiang Shi  'Impact of Human Rights upon the Immunity of Diplomatic Agents'

Luiz Fernando C. Silveira  'Communication and Legal Decision-Making: Between the Subjective and the Objective'

Sara Skott  'The Relationship between Homicide and Serious Violence in Scotland'

Aiste Slezeviciute  'Access to Documents in Competition Cases - An International Perspective'

Francesca Soliman  'Migration, illegality, and social harm: an Italian case study.'

Annie Sorbie  'Appeals to the public interest in health research regulation (HRR): are the public interested?'

Peter Speirs  'Rebuilding the Ship at Sea: Reconstituting the Scottish Political Constitution'

Leslie Stevens  'A contextual approach to the information governance of personal and sensitive personal data used for research.'

Grant Stirling  'An analysis of the implications of the EU Directive on Antitrust Damages Actions for private damages actions under Articles 101 and/or 102 TFEU in Member State courts'

Silvia Suteu  'Eternity and the Constitution: The Promise and Limits of Eternity Clauses'

Andrew Sweeney  'The Landlord's Hypothec in Scots Law'


Richard Tepper  'A competition policy and regulatory framework for sharing economy'

Kate Tobin  'Facts, lies and evidence: a crisis in decision-making across the public and voluntary sectors'

Dagmar Topf Aguiar De Medeiros  'Constitutionalisation of international law in order to achieve effective and legitimate global governance of the environment'


Jaime Ubilla Fuenzalida  'Reflexive Law and Reflexive Property Rights: Tackling the Regulatory Trilemma of Ecosystems Conservation'


Mihail Vatsov  'Fishing Power Europe'

Vinicius Vidor  'Reasoning over Free Speech: on the role of neutrality and shame on the way we reason about speech'


Christina White  'Alessandro Tartagni and De Appellationibus: A study in to the procedure of civil appeals in 15th century Bologna'

Griff Williams  'Tripartite Communication under the Community Payback Order'

Qingxiang Wu  'The analysis of establishing a comprehensive and uniform legal system regarding the enforcement of the arbitral awards in antitrust disputes.'

Winston Wu  'Maritime Security and International Law'

Amanda Wyper  'An Evaluation of the Legal issues surrounding the implementation of the Automatic Enrolment Pensions Regime in the UK'


Xiaoou Zheng  'Integrating Human Rights in the International Regime on Access and Benefit-sharing with Regard to the Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Peoples' Rights'

Yawen Zheng  'China's approaches to construct balanced investment treatment rules and responding strategies in investment arbitration'