Research in a Nutshell: Privacy & Research

Graeme Laurie: Privacy and research

Graeme Laurie is Professor of Medical Jurisprudence at Edinburgh Law School. His research interests involve the relationship between law and medical technologies particularly the role of law in promoting medical science while protection citizens’ rights.

One project that he is involved in is the Scottish Health Informatics Programme (SHIP), funded by the Wellcome Trust. This collaboration between the Universities of Dundee, Glasgow, St Andrews and Edinburgh and NHS Scotland explores the challenges of linking health data to improve the health of current and future generations. Professor Laurie is responsible for the information governance part of the project. His team has developed the SHIP Good Governance Framework to guide researchers, regulators, data controllers and in using health data responsibly for medical research.

In this video Graeme describes how his research examines how we can protect patient privacy in health-related research while promoting benefits for all.

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