Research in a Nutshell: One woman's pot

Anne Griffiths: One Woman's Pot

Anne Griffiths is Professor of Anthropology of Law at Edinburgh Law School. Her research focuses on anthropology of law, comparative and family law, African law, gender, culture and rights.

Professor Griffith’s research has emphasised the specific, concrete, lived-experiences that inform people’s lives. Her standpoint critically examines questions about law’s legitimacy and authority from the perspective of social actors who are often marginalized in mainstream legal discourse, stressing their views of law, the circumstances under which they do or do not have access to legal forums, and the conditions under which individuals find themselves silenced or unable to negotiate with others in daily life.

She welcomes enquiries from prospective doctoral applicants in her fields of interest and from prospective postdoctoral candidates.

In this video Anne describes how a typical cooking pot made by Tswana women helps make female-headed households self-sufficient in South Africa.

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