Research in a Nutshell: Beyond Text

Zenon Bankowski: Beyond Text in Law

Zenon Bankowski is an emeritus professor at Edinburgh Law School. Zenon describes his work on his Edinburgh Law School Homepage:

'My research follows two strands. Firstly, I look at Social and Legal Theory within an ethical and theological context. Here the aim is to produce a socio-theoretical account of forms of rationality in different styles and levels of legal process understood in their correlation with different forms of social order and self-ordering.

Connected with this is my second strand which involves Foundations of Legal Reasoning as they affect the working of the law and legality and help put in place models for the furtherance of just and transparent modes of dispute settlement. This makes the study of legal reasoning itself ethically important.'

In this video Zenon describes ‘Beyond Text’, a project which aims to promote the ethical imagination needed at the moment when Law and lawyers reach the limits of the text using means other than text.

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