Training and support

Training and support

You will have access to a wide range of training and support to help you achieve your best work with us.

PhD supervision

The supervisor’s role is to provide guidance on the structure and content of the thesis and will usually include:

  • agreeing a suitable programme of study and appropriate training;
  • giving comments and suggestions on written work;
  • supporting you to plan and manage your research effectively so you can with submit your thesis on time.

You will be allocated two supervisors and at least one of them will be a leading expert in the relevant field of study.

PhD supervision is available across the full range of legal and law-related subjects at Edinburgh and supervisors are carefully chosen to provide you with the best possible support to develop your thesis.

When you apply, your topic will be matched to available supervisors within Edinburgh Law School. You are advised to contact the School if you have any queries concerning the availability of supervision or the suitability of your intended areas of research.

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Research Student Training Programme

As part of your PhD, Edinburgh Law School offers a three-year Research Training Programme.

The purpose of this training programme is to:

  • develop an appreciation of the different types of thesis and the range of research methods in order to make a reasoned defence of the research techniques that are ultimately chosen;
  • develop a sophisticated understanding of how to formulate research questions, as well as the connection between research questions and the tools required to address them;
  • develop project management skills;
  • develop skills to communicate your research to a wide range of audiences, including non-academics, such as the media, general public or governmental bodies;
  • encourage self-reflection on the management of your research project and your future career direction.

More specific training (e.g. in empirical methods) can be provided for students as needed, depending on their project requirements.

Further resources

You can also access the University’s Institute of Academic Development, which provides support for teaching, learning and researcher development by offering continuing professional development in teaching, learning and supervision.

Find out more about the Institute of Academic Development