LLM Intellectual Property Law

Teaching and learning

You will experience a range of teaching styles as part of the Edinburgh LLM. Most courses are delivered by seminar. Most courses will have one two-hour seminar per week over a 10-week period (in the case of 20-credit courses) or over a 20-week period (in the case of 40-credit courses). Where possible we try to keep class sizes to 25 students for each course, so that our seminars can be interactive and provide plenty of opportunity for students to participate in discussions.

Students are expected to contribute to seminar discussions on the basis of preliminary readings that will be indicated by the course organiser and distributed in advance of each seminar. Questions for discussions, or other exercises, will also be provided in advance of each seminar in order to guide students in their preparatory readings.

Seminars, therefore, provide an opportunity not only to fully understand the basics of certain legal issues or frameworks, but also to develop and discuss ideas with academic staff and fellow course participants, and to develop specific research interests.

Students are expected to undertake significant independent research tasks and learn on their own as well as part of a group. This is invaluable for students in building individual and collective research and analytical skills that will be essential in their professional life after the LLM.

In addition, students will be warmly encouraged to participate in other activities and events organised by academic staff within the Law School and the University of Edinburgh, outside of their chosen courses.