LLM Intellectual Property Law

Programme Overview

Intellectual Property is everywhere today. The global use of intellectual property has been on the rise in the last decade and it is now an important concern in both developed and developing economies. Intellectual Property protection has increasingly been associated with the aims of promoting economic growth, innovation, and creativity.

On the one hand, IP-intensive industries are seen to make a significant contribution to GDP and national employment and bring other socio-economic benefits. On the other, tensions remain between Intellectual property rights and the development of information and communication technologies, access to medicines and education, and the right to freedom of expression and the right to privacy, to name a few.  

The ever-increasing role and impact of Intellectual Property law and policy makes specialised knowledge of this subject a valuable asset for those:

  • intending to enter legal practice and specialise in intellectual property law;
  • seeking to work in areas such as the creative industries, cultural industries, manufacturing industries, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, computing, information and communication technologies, etc. with a focus on intellectual property;
  •  intending to take up a policymaking role in relation to knowledge-intensive sectors;
  • looking to undertake further postgraduate study in the area of intellectual property law or pursue a research or academic career.

Our LLM in Intellectual Property Law is designed to equip you with an advanced knowledge and understanding of intellectual property law and policy within a domestic (UK), regional (European) and international setting. You will have the opportunity to undertake in-depth study of a range of contemporary issues through our taught core courses in Intellectual property Law, and develop further critical understanding and research skills through a dissertation on an intellectual property issue of your choice.

What do our students say?

What will I study?

The programme will expose you to a broad range of perspectives on Intellectual Property law, practice, and policy. It covers substantive law on all major intellectual property rights, including copyright, trade marks, designs, patents, and common law protection of intellectual property rights. It also examines these rights within the international intellectual property treaty framework and system. The programme also assesses the place and role of these rights by investigating a range of topical issues, which underpin contemporary intellectual property law and policy.

At Edinburgh, we take an interdisciplinary approach and the LLM in IP Law will offer you the opportunity to examine intellectual property not just in its legal but also social, economic, ethical, cultural and commercial contexts. 

In addition to the core intellectual property law courses, as part of your studies you will have the opportunity to choose courses from the wide range of options offered by Edinburgh Law School enabling you to tailor your studies to meet your specific interests.

Why Edinburgh? 

Edinburgh Law School has been specialising in the field for many years and established the pioneering SCRIPT centre in 1998. The Script Centre, a centre of excellence in the disciplines of intellectual property law and information technology law, continues to be highly regarded and partners the LLM in Intellectual Property Law. Academic members of the centre have wide-ranging expertise and have been involved in research, for example, on copyright and the creative industries, the protection of traditional knowledge, patents and access to medicines, telecommunications regulation, law and artificial intelligence, and intellectual property and competition law.

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