Lecturer in International Private Law

Director of Internationalisation

PhD, LLM (Edin.), JD (UCUDAL)
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Current Research Interests

My research bridges disciplines, focusing on the intersections between Private International Law and various other legal disciplines, such as Maritime Law, Public International Law, International Commercial Arbitration and International Civil and Commercial Litigation. The common thread of my research is internationalisation, from a perspective that embraces diversity: legal, cultural and methodological diversity, and enables the development of legal knowledge that fosters better cross-border cooperation and understandings. In particular, my research develops ideas in which Private International Law can contribute to accommodate the richness of different legal traditions and cultures in cross-border cases. 


Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (2008), Thesis Title: ‘The Arrest of Ships in Private International Law’;  LL.M. in Commercial Law (Distinction), University of Edinburgh (2003); MA in Law (Law of Integration), Catholic University of Uruguay (1998); Juris Doctorate (First), Catholic University of Uruguay (1996).

Collaborative Activity

I am the Principal Investigator (PI) in ‘Private International Law and the Development of Integrated Markets: A Cross-Regional Collaboration’, (PILIM, www.pilim.law.ed.ac.uk) (2014-2017). This research project is a collaboration with the Argentinian universities of University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and University of Belgrano (UB) and aims to enhance the role and contribution of Private International Law to market growth and integration. PILIM explores the role of Private International Law through different methodologies with a view to facilitate the development of a contemporary inclusive discourse needed to adapt it to the realities of regional integration. Through collaborative teaching, co-authored publications, and several international events, this cross-regional collaborative project is generating paths to enlarge the next generation of Private International  lawyers in both regions. 

Courses Taught

International Private Law Honours (Honours)

International Private Law Ordinary (Ordinary)

International Private Law: Jurisdiction and Enforcement of Judgments (LLM) (Course Organiser)

Books and Reports

Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Kasey McCall-Smith, Duncan French, Linkages and Boundaries in Private and Public International Law, (Hart, 2018)
Abstract: Do private and public international law coincide in their underlying objectives when it comes to their respective contribution to the realisation of global values? How do positivism and instrumentalism work together towards the consistency and efficiency of the international legal order? This edited collection focuses on the interface between private and public international law and the synergies that a joint approach brings to topical issues in some key fields of this modern era such as corporate social responsibility and environmental law. Ultimately, the book explores ways forward to further the dialogue between these two distinct but interrelated disciplines in international law with a view to improve their connections toward a more integral and holistic approach to legal problems that require an international approach. The book brings together well-known experts and new voices from both disciplines from a wide range of jurisdictions in Europe, North America and South America, relating to various and diverse private and public international law topics and perspectives and examines the strengths and weaknesses of these fascinating disciplines.

David McClean, Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Morris on the Conflict of Laws, (Sweet & Maxwell, 2016)
Abstract: Morris on The Conflict of Laws, now in its ninth edition, is one of the leading titles on the Conflict of Laws or Private International Law, covering all branches of the discipline. It is unparalleled in breadth of scope and wealth of detail. The work explains the fundamental principles of the subject and how the law works in practice. The authors’ encourage critical thinking by getting readers to think about the issues which concern the working of the conflict of laws as a whole, its theoretical basis and methodology.

David McClean, Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Morris on The Conflict of Laws, (Sweet & Maxwell, 2012)

David McClean, Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Morris: The Conflict of Laws, (Sweet & Maxwell, 2012)

Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, The Arrest of Ships in Private International Law, (Oxford University Press, 2011)
Abstract: By providing a private international law analysis of a field in which international conventions coexist with national law and regional law, this book offers different theoretical and methodological insights into the conflict of laws and the conflict of jurisdictions, aiming ultimately at the juridical continuity of legal relations across national borders.Central to the book is the jurisdictional function of arrest of ships. Forum arresti—the paradigmatic forum selection criterion in English and Scots law—has survived so far as a specific jurisdictional basis for maritime claims in the process of Europeanization of private international law. One of the main purposes of this book is to provide a theoretical framework within which forum arresti in the case of the arrest of ships gains legitimacy. It proposes a positive approach to jurisdictional issues through the lenses of international judicial co-operation and provides a theoretical justification for the triumph of forum arresti in the international maritime context where traditionally this has been justified by historical and practical reasons.Considering the the topic in the context of the Europeanization of private international law and the Brussels I Regulation, this book includes valuable insight into theories of characterisation as applied to uniform provisions such as the International Arrest Conventions, and challenges the indistinctive characterisation of the arrest of ships as an inherent part of the action in rem in English law.This is a scholarly analysis offering an expert perspective on the arrest of ships in the international commercial sphere to draw conclusions on the advancement of further harmonisation in this field. Through its focus on English and Scots law in the light of international conventions, this book provides a framework which will give practical answers to the many complex private international law issues that arise in relation to the arrest of ships.


María Blanca Noodt Taquela, Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, 'The Draft Judgments Convention and its Relationship with Other International Instruments ', (2018), Yearbook of Private International Law, Vol 19 (2017/2018), pp 449-474

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Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Duncan French, 'Jurisdiction Betwixt unilateralism and coordination' in Linkages and Boundaries in Private and Public International Law (Hart 2018)

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Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, 'Maritime liens, private international law and the management of legal diversity ' in Juan Martin Osante, Olga Fotinopoulou Basurko, José Manuel (ed.) New Trends in Maritime Law (Thomson Reuters Aranzadi 2017) 525-543

Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, 'United Kingdom The traditional approach to foreign law in civil litigation in the legal systems of the United Kingdom' in Yuko Nishitani (ed.) Treatment of Foreign Law (Springer 2017) 361-374
Abstract: he legal systems in the United Kingdom adopt an adversarial approach to judicial proceedings and consider the application and proof of foreign law as depending upon the rules of civil procedure and the law of evidence. In principle, it is for the parties to disclose the international character of a particular dispute that leads to the application of conflict-of-law rules, and in turn, to plead, and, if disputed, prove, the foreign law that may be applicable following such conflict-of-laws rules. This chapter examines the application of foreign law in the courts of the United Kingdom from a theoretical and a practical perspective. It argues that the positioning of foreign law is crucial to the adjudication of a dispute in international civil and commercial litigation and as such a core aspect of Private International Law (Conflict of Laws) methodology. It submits de lege ferenda that in certain circumstances the ability to take judicial notice of foreign law could provide the courts in the United Kingdom with ‘another tool in the case management toolbox’ if done with regard to the functional differences between the pleading and proof of foreign law by the parties, and applying foreign law ex officio. Such a possibility – even if used only in exceptional cases- could further enable the courts to provide a more efficient, cost-effective and fair case management.

Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, 'Forum Non Conveniens, Forum Conveniens and Forum Arresti Los aportes de una evaluación integral a la construcción de una visión global' in Curso de Derecho Internacional XLII 2015 (The Organization of American States 2016) 113-144

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