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Research Interests

Robert Lane's principal areas of interest lie within the various strands of EC law. They include in particular the consitutional and adminstrative law of the European Union and the European Community, the methods and reasoning of the European Court of Justice, and the law of the internal market and EC competition law.


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Courses Taught

Commercial Law (Ordinary) (Ordinary)

EU Competition Law (LLM)

Fundamentals of Competition Law (Honours) (Course Organiser)

PhD Supervisees

Alberto Brown  'Wrongful competition: A comparative study.'

Dionysios Pelekis  'The EU Commission's new approach to fiscal State aid: Issues of law and policy, a comparative analysis'

Aiste Slezeviciute  'Access to Documents in Competition Cases - An International Perspective'

Richard Tepper  'The relevant market in the access-based economy'

Qingxiang Wu  'The analysis of establishing a comprehensive and uniform legal system regarding the enforcement of the arbitral awards in antitrust disputes.'

Books and Reports

Robert Lane, David A. O. Edward, Edward and Lane on European Law, (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012)
Abstract: Key features of the book include: Authoritative authorship combining the analysis of a senior academic with the experience of a former judge. Comprehensive and wide-ranging in scope. Structured specifically to reflect the Treaty of Lisbon reorientation and immediate post-Lisbon developments. Extensive reference to primary sources (Treaty, legislation, case law) and to issues of national adaptation. A comprehensively updated and expanded new edition of a classic text, this authoritative and wide-ranging volume provides expert analysis on the key issues across all areas of European Union law - including its constitutional, procedural and substantive aspects. In particular, coverage of the constitutional and procedural elements includes; historical background and development of the European Union; constitutional structure of the Union; 'The Treaties': interrelationship and fundamental (constitutional) rules; the institutional framework; jurisdiction of, and actions before, the Court of Justice; sources, principles and methods of Union law. Comprehensive coverage of the substantive law includes; basic rules; citizenship of the Union; the internal market; the four freedoms; competition; economic and monetary policy; social policy; environmental policy; commercial policy. Importantly, the book incorporates the Treaty of Lisbon reorientation and post-Lisbon developments. Throughout the book there is extensive reference to primary sources (Treaty, legislation, case law) and to issues of national adaptation which, together, bring a depth of understanding and analysis to this increasingly complex field of law. Written in elegant and crystal clear English, rich in references to the primary materials of the Treaties, the principal legislation and the key case law of the Court of Justice, this highly detailed and comprehensive book will be an indispensable resource for all Legal practitioners whose practice must take account of EU Law.

Robert Lane, EC Competition Law, (Longman, 2000)

Robert Lane, David Edward, EU Ho No Tebiki, (Kokusai Shoin, 1998)

David Edward, Robert Lane, European Community Law: An Introduction, (Butterworths Law (Scotland), 1995)
Abstract: This text provides an overview of European Community law. It takes account of provisions of the Maastricht Treaty. Coverage includes the orgins and development of the European Community and the European Union; institutions of the European Community; and methods of European Community Law.


Robert Lane, 'Competition Law: Current Developments: European Union Law', (2012), International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol 61, pp 991-1005
Abstract: The period under review (January 2010 – June 2012) has been a time of consolidation (or exhaustion) for the Union generally, as the Lisbon changes are allowed to bed in. The competition sphere is no exception. There has been limited initiative, certainly nothing ambitious to come out of the Commission over the period. At the same time a new Commission took up office—three months late, and by a little-remarked constitutional sleight of hand1—in 2010, and with it came a new Commissioner for Competition (Mr Almunia) and with him a new Director-General of DG Competition (Mr Italianer—Dutch notwithstanding the name), which event sometimes, but not always, marks a reorientation of Union competition policy. Both are economists which, again, may or may not influence the direction of policy. At the same time the Union has been buffeted by a financial crisis not wholly of its own making in which the competition rules must have a significant role to play.

Robert Lane, 'II. Competition ', (2010), International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol 59, pp 489-504

Niamh Nic Shuibhne, Robert Lane, 'Oil and Troubled Waters ', (2002), Dublin University Law Journal, Vol 24, pp 251-67

Robert Lane, Joe McMahon, 'Current Developments: Competition', (2001), International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol 50, pp 702-14

Robert Lane, Niamh Nic Shuibhne, 'Case C-281/98, Roman Angonese v. Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano SpA, Judgment of 6 June 2000, not yet reported ', (2000), Common Market Law Review, Vol 37, pp 1237-1247

Robert Lane, 'Current Developments: Competition', (2000), International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol 49, pp 227-34

Robert Lane, Karl Newman, 'Current Development: Competition', (1998), International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol 47, pp 713-19

Robert Lane, 'Unilateral Agreements and EC Competition Law ', (1997), Edinburgh Law Review, Vol 1, pp 494-500

Robert Lane, 'The Fishermen's Tale: National Liability for Breaches of Community Law', (1996), Edinburgh Law Review, Vol 1, pp 91-105


Robert Lane, 'EC Competition Law Post-Lisbon A Matter of Protocol' in Mielle Bulterman, Leigh Hancher, Alison McDonnell, Hanna G. Sevenster (ed.) Views of European Law From the Mountain (Kluwer Law International 2009)

Robert Lane, 'Article 234 A Few Rough Edges Still' in Mark Hoskins, William Robinson (ed.) A True European (Hart Publishing 2004) 327-44