Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange, which includes work to enhance the social, political, economic and cultural impact of academic research, is an increasingly important part of work in Universities today. It involves engagement with a variety of audiences and organisations beyond the academy in a two way exchange of knowledge and understanding.

Jo Shaw has worked extensively with the Federal Trust, completing the Constitutionalism project of 2001-2004, and she has also undertaken work more recenty with the Trust preparing reports on flexibility and justice and home affairs. More generally, Jo has delivered numerous lectures on the constitutional process of the EU for non-academic or mixed audiences, and you can find a lecture given in Malta in December 2006 here (pdf) and a paper given at the Swedish Institute of European Policy Studies annual conference in November 2006 here (pdf)

When she was Co-Director of the Europa Institute, Jo Shaw took primary responsibility for the Institute's Treaty of Rome Conference in January 2008 and its associated essay competition, having raised funds from the European Parliament Directorate General for Information to co-fund the conference.

On 14 November 2007, she gave oral evidence before the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union, Sub Committee E (Law and Institutions) in the context of their enquiry into the Freedom, Security and Justice dimensions of the Reform Treaty. You can listen to the evidence session here and download the resulting volumes comprising the report and evidence taken from this page. In February 2008, she responded to a restricted call for evidence from the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution, in the context of the Committee's enquiry into the impact of the Treaty of Lisbon on the UK Constitution.

Turning to the field of citizenship, she spoke at a Conference on Migration convened during the UK Presidency of the EU in November 2005 at Dunblane, and she delivered a paper to the Scottish Policy Innovation Forum (in the context of a session on demographic change) on the role of Scottish political institutions in relation to migrants' political rights (downloadable here). She was awarded an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award in 2008 jointly with the Federal Trust, on multilevel citizenship in Europe, and this Award is held by Anja Lansbergen. In March 2008, she presented a paper asking "How European are European Parliament Elections" at a hearing held by the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, in the context of report being prepared by the Committee on the possibility for a modification of the Act concerning the election of the Members of the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage of 20 September 1976.

A major focus of her knowledge exchange work in the field of citizenship is now the EUDO-Citizenship Observatory, of which she is a Co-Director. In June 2010, along with the other directors of the EUDO-Citizenship Observatory, she prepared the initial results of work funded by European Commission DG JLS Integration Fund at an Extraordinary Joint Meeting of the European Parliament's Constitutional Affairs and Justice and Home Affairs committees. The webstream of this special meeting can be found here. In November 2011, the EUDO Dissemination Conference, held in the European Parliament premises under the aegis of the EP Constitutional Affairs Committee, focused on the topic of voting rights in the EU. Jo Shaw's presentation, along with those of other participants, can be found here.

New results from the CITSEE project are starting to show their relevance for the case of putative Scottish citizenship in the event of independence. Jo gave evidence to the Scottish Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons in September 2012 at a hearing in September 2012, and this has attracted press coverage in the Herald Scotland both on the topic of citizenship itself (and whether Scots will also remain British after independence) and on the topic of the right to vote

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