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Dr John Crichton is an Honorary Fellow at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh, and consultant forensic psychiatrist at the Orchard Clinic, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Scotland’s first medium secure unit.

After studying psychology and medicine at Nottingham University, John Crichton completed initial training in Psychiatry at Cambridge. At the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, he completed a PhD investigating the management of violence and other challenging behaviour involving psychiatric inpatients.

John Crichton has published over 40 peer reviewed papers and book chapters, and edited the book Psychiatric Patient Violence: Risk and Response. He has held the post of Medical Director of the Forensic Network and State Hospitals’ Board for Scotland.

Courses Taught

Criminology (Honours)

Mental Health and Crime (MSc)


John Crichton, Brown, J., Hughes, N.S. Homicide, Mental Disorder and the Media (Bahookie Publishers, 2015)

Edited Books

John Crichton Psychiatric Patient Violence: Risk and Response (Gerald Duckworth & Co., 1997)
Abstract: Georgina Robinson was a mental health worker murdered by a patient. This work comes from the public enquiry investigating her death. Leading academics and practitioners, from a wide range of disciplines, have contributed their views about psychiatric patient violence and its management. In the context of public anxiety and public sensitivity, the facts about the risk of violence, especially to staff, are made clear, together with guidance about how risk should be managed. And when violence does occur, there are suggestions about what responses should be made.

Journal Articles

John Crichton, Rajan Darjee 'Reid v. the United Kingdom: Restricted patients and the European Convention on Human Rights' (2005) Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology Vol 16(3) 508-522

John Crichton, Rajan Darjee 'Personality disorder and the law in Scotland: a historical perspective' (2003) Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology Vol 14(2) 394-425

Notes and Reviews

John Crichton, Rajan Darjee 'New mental health legislation' (2007) British Medical Journal 334 (7594) 596-597